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Alibaba and stocks rally on hopes tech crackdown may be over

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Hong Kong (CNN Business)Shares in Chinese tech companies have surged this week on hopes that Beijing is close to ending a yearlong regulatory crackdown on the industry. Alibaba (BABA) was up 1.9% el martes, follow...

SoftBank reports record $27.5 billion loss on crashing tech stocks

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Hong Kong (CNN Business)SoftBank's mega tech funds lost more than $ 27 billion in the last fiscal year, by far their worst performance on record. The world's biggest tech investor said Thursday that its Vision Funds...

Global stocks and oil prices hit by fears of a Beijing lockdown

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Hong Kong (CNN Business)Global stocks and oil prices fell on Monday as rising Covid-19 cases in Beijing sparked fears that the Chinese capital could join Shanghai and other major cities in lockdown. China's benchmar...

Did our politicians cash in on stocks prior to Russian invasion?

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Dem estratega de WaPo: When I was at the White House, I had to sell all my individual stocks. I was allowed to hold broadly based mutual funds that were on, sabes, No solo trabajamos en 'Body Heat' junto con Larry Kasdan, los tres trabajamos juntos en..., on an approved list. That's maybe one way to deal...

Stocks sink while oil soars after US and allies consider banning Russian oil

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Hong Kong (CNN Business)Stocks are tumbling Monday as oil prices are soaring to the highest level in 13 años, raising fears about a further spike in inflation that could damage the global economy. In Asia, Hong Kon...

osoff, Hawley introduce bills that would ban lawmakers from trading stocks

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Two senators from different sides of the aisle have both introduced similar bills that would ban lawmakers and their families from buying and selling stocks while in office. Sen demócrata. Jon Ossoff of Georgia int...

Candidato al Senado de Arizona pide la prohibición de que los congresistas posean y comercialicen acciones en "Tucker Carlson Tonight"’

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MAESTROS DE BLAKE: quiero decir, Nancy traviesa, Dios mío. Ella está en eso de nuevo: negociar acciones, violar las leyes. Fatigar, Creo que Nancy Pelosi es el ejemplo de la podredumbre y la corrupción en nuestra política.. Ella usa su colocón ....

Stocks tumble and oil sinks as storm clouds gather over global economy

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Londres (CNN Business)Investors hoping for an easy Christmas week could be sorely disappointed as stocks and oil prices tumble in the face of growing threats to the global economy. Dow futures fell 575 points — or m...

NBC anchors hit Nancy Pelosi for comments about how lawmakers should be able to trade individual stocks

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El miércoles, a reporter asked Pelosi whether lawmakers and their spouses should be banned form trading individual stocks while in office after a report detailed several conflicting stock deals with several members o...