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Singer Akon’s Range Rover stolen from gas station in Atlanta

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Singer-rapper — and "real-life Wakanda" mastermind — Akon had his SUV stolen while he was fueling up the vehicle at a gas station in Atlanta Tuesday night, according to police reports. "It only takes a second for som...

ニューヨーク州のオークションが盗まれた 2015 シボレーコルベット … 再び

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少し赤い 2015 Chevrolet Corvette confiscated by the New York State government is coming up for auction … again. 最近誰かがクーペを登録しようとしたとき, the Department of Motor Vehicles noticed somethin...

Stolen 400-pound playground slide found in a child’s bedroom

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Police investigating stolen car parts in Washington were able to close a different case when they found a 400-pound slide that had been stolen from a playground. The Pasco Police Department said last month, official...

ロックスターのランディバックマンの大切なグレッチギターが盗まれました 45 数年前. インターネット探偵はそれを見つけるのを助けました

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盗まれてから数十年, カナダのロックスター、ランディ・バックマンは、彼が次のようなヒット曲を書いていた珍しいギターをついに見つけたと言います "アメリカ人女性" そして "ビジネスの世話をして" インターネットの探偵がそれを追跡した後、ダウ。.

Atlanta ‘defund the policebacker has car stolenby kids in broad daylight: レポート

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Councilman Antonio Brown was attending a ribbon-cutting ceremony at an event in northeast Atlanta around noon when at least four kids jumped into his car and took off, 狐 5 アトランタの報告. "You don’t immediate...

バージェスオーエンス: 米国の歴史が盗まれ、書き直されている’ CRTによる; 学生は黒人の創設者について教えられるべきです

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"私たちの歴史が盗まれて書き直されるにつれて, アメリカ人は私たちの過去のプライドを失うだけではありません, だけでなく、私たちの現在と私たちの未来へのビジョンへの感謝," オーエンスは水曜日に発行されたニューズウィークの論説に「 ...

DC police suspect juveniles behind another deadly stolen car crash

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The crash occurred just before 1:30 午前. Sunday in the northeast portion of the city, involving a Nissan running a red light and hitting a Toyota Camry, which struck a nearby home. The two people in the Nissan fled, ...


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事件は土曜日の夜ごろに起こった 8:30 午後. ドライバーが車から降りてBPガソリンスタンドで走らせた後、ローレルで. 運転手は支払いのために中に入った, そして容疑者は車に飛び乗ってスピードを上げた。.

3 フロリダの銃器の盗難に関連した銃器密売計画で起訴されたコネチカット州の男性

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エリック・ウッディ, 30, とジュリアン・ジャッジ, 22, ニューブリテンの両方, コネチカット, ドミニク・コロン・ブラウンと, 27, ファーミントンの, コネチカット, それぞれが火薬を扱うビジネスに従事することを共謀している...

Make-A-Wish gift stolen from Maryland family’s yard: ‘They didn’t just steal property, they stole a wish

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The stolen item was an inflatable swim park which had been provided by the Make-A-Wish foundation as the family’s young son is dealing with a serious disease. The Prince George’s County Police Department released a ...

Jefferson Davischair, stolen from an Alabama cemetery, has been recovered and 2 people have been arrested

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New Orleans Police have arrested two people in connection with the theft from an Alabama cemetery of a chair previously owned by Jefferson Davis, the president of the Confederacy. Stanley Warnick and Kathryn Diion...

イリノイ州の警察官がセント近くで射殺された. 盗難車の疑いに近づいた後のルイ

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ポントゥーンビーチオフィサーのタイラーティモンズは、ルート沿いのスピードウェイガソリンスタンドで撃たれました 111 直前 8 午前, イリノイ州警察のジェイム・バフォードは声明の中でフォックスニュースに語った. スピードウェイの空中ショット ...

Orlando Magic star Terrence RossLamborghini stolen from dealership, wrecked

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The Orlando Magic star revealed on Instagram that his $ 200,000-plus Lamborghini Urus was stolen around 1:00 午前. Tuesday from the dealership where he'd brought it to get a flat tire fixed. Terrence Ross' L...

A Marine veteran’s military medals were stolen from his home. Detectives on the case replaced them

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ほぼ 25 年, Thomas Faleskie served in the United States Marine Corps before retiring with the rank of lieutenant colonel. During that time he served in Vietnam and was awarded with several medals, including...

Pro Bowl kicker Younghoe Koo’s vehicle stolen, just wants his cleats back

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Koo, who had bounced around the NFL before making the Pro Bowl in 2020, posted a photo of the vehicle missing from a parking space. He said all he wanted really was for his cleats to be brought back. Mはこちらをクリックしてください。.

World’s longest bunny stolen from former Playboy model: 警察

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Darius, the Continental Giant rabbit, was reportedly stolen from his home in Stoulton, イギリス。, 土曜日の夜に, West Mercia Police said Monday. Darius is the current record holder for the longest rabbit alive, measur...

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