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New Jersey teacher says her stomach was ‘churningfollowing union demand to log studentsvaccination status

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Die video, produced by the vaccine equity nonprofit Made to Save as well as the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) and the National Educators Association (NEA), reportedly instructs teachers to upload their conver...

Yankees’ Gerrit Cole ‘sick to my stomachafter poor performance in wild card loss to Red Sox

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KLIK HIER VIR MEER SPORTDEKKING . New York Yankees starting pitcher Gerrit Cole delivers to the Boston Red Sox in the first inning of the American League Wild Card playoff game at Fenway Park, Tuesday O...

Alligator suspected of killing man in Hurricane Ida floodwaters found with what appears to be human remains in its stomach

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A 504-pound alligator was captured in the area where a St. Tammany Parish man was last seen after he walked in floodwaters following Hurricane Ida, die St.. Tammany Parish Sheriff's Office said. Die man, identified...

Maple Leafs, Canadiens players react to John Tavares hit: ‘I felt sick to my stomach when I saw it

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Met minder as 10 minutes to go in the first period, Tavares fell to the ice after he was hit by the Canadiens' Ben Chiarot at the blue line. As he was falling, Perry’s knee made contact with Tavares’ head while Perr...

VSA, Britain/Ireland teams hit by stomach bug at Walker Cup

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The amateur golf tournament is held every other year and is set to begin Saturday at Seminole Golf Club, with four foursomes matches in the morning and eight singles in the afternoon. KLIK HIER VIR MEER SPORTOMSLAG ...

'N Man in Kalifornië wat in aanhouding dood is, is op sy maag ingedruk vir 5 minute en sy bewussyn verloor, polisie liggaam kamera toon

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'N Kaliforniese man wat vandeesmaand in aanhouding van die polisie gesterf het, was ongeveer vyf minute op sy maag op die grond vasgehou voordat hy nie reageer het nie en beamptes met KPR begin het., liggaamskamera-opnames wat Dinsdag bekend gemaak is deur ...

A zoo crocodile in Florida underwent surgery to remove a shoe from her stomach

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A Nile crocodile named Anuket had to undergo surgery in Florida recently. The problem started in December when a shoe slipped off the foot of a tourist ziplining over the crocodile habitat at the St. Augustine Allig...

Indian man accused of slashing pregnant wife’s stomach ‘to check gender

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A man in northern India was arrested after slashing his pregnant wife's stomach with a sickle, allegedly to find out the unborn baby's gender, according to police and the woman's relatives. Die aanval, which took pla...