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McCarthy blames empty store shelves on Democrats’ politicas: ‘You don’t believe it’s America’

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HUSBAND AND WIFE CLOSE NEW TOY STORE DUE TO SUPPLY ISSUES: ‘WE COULDN’T AFFORD PRODUCTS’ KEVIN MCCARTHY: Why is inflation here? Because of the spending of what the Democrats have done. The trillions of dollars. You w...

Husband and wife close new toy store due to supply issues: ‘We couldn’t afford products’

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"Desafortunadamente, there was a lot of supply change that happened. Desafortunadamente, for me and my husband, we have to make the decision of closing the doors because we could not afford to get products anymore and the pric...

Marine vet reveals how he stopped convenience store robbery with bag of ‘Gatorades and a snack

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James Kelcer told "Sala de prensa de Estados Unidos" he takes his personal safety, and the safety of others, "very seriously." "I turn around to go and leave, kind of walk out and as I'm turning around I hear the door kind of ope...

Grocery store shoppers sound off on surging prices

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"Can't afford half the stuff… I think it's outrageous," one shopper in Lanham, Maryland, una ciudad 10 miles northeast from the district, dijo a Fox News. "It's crazy!" another woman leaving Costco said. WATCH to see ever...

Apple Store security guard stabbed over face mask dispute in NYC

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A dispute over wearing a face mask led to the stabbing of an Apple Store security guard Friday, a spokesperson with the New York City Police Department told CNN. Officers responded to the West 14th Street location i...

Packers’ Aaron Jones adds pocket in jersey to store dad’s ashes

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Jones’ dad, Alvin Jones Sr., sadly passed away at age 56 in April due to complications of COVID-19. Desde entonces, Jones has worn a medallion around his neck that contains his dad’s ashes. Jones, sin embargo, lost the medal...

Brian Laundrie fue visto comprando un teléfono celular en una tienda de Florida el día de su desaparición, informe dice

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TMZ informó que Laundrie fue vista "con una mujer mayor" dentro de una de las tiendas de telefonía celular en North Port, Florida, donde vivía con sus padres y su prometida, Gabby Petito, en septiembre. 14. El FBI más tarde ...

Los trabajadores de las tiendas de comestibles de Tennessee se escondieron en los congeladores para sobrevivir a un tiroteo masivo que mató 1 mujer y herida 14 otros

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Olivia King estaba en la tienda de comestibles el jueves por la tarde cuando un hombre armado abrió fuego en un supermercado Kroger en Collierville., Tennesse, acabando con su vida. King fue identificada el jueves por su familia como la víctima asesinada ...

El empleado de la tienda paga la cuenta de comestibles del veterano: "Lo mínimo que podía hacer’

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Briar Poirier, de Oxford, Massachusetts, trabaja en la caja registradora de su supermercado local y se describe a sí mismo como "un autista que ama la musica, conocimiento, videojuegos y compasión," en su página de Facebook ....

NYC gun fight outside Manhattan grocery store leaves 3 bystanders wounded, muestra de video

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The shooting happened just after 11 pm. at Marte Grocery on Audubon Ave. in the Washington Heights neighborhood, la policía dijo. No se han hecho arrestos. NYC LAUNDROMAT SHOOTING: 10 INJURED AFTER 2 MEN OPEN FIRE, FLE...

Queens man accused of robbing an 11-year-old girl on her way to a grocery store

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A Queens man was arrested and charged on suspicion of dragging an 11-year-old girl into an alleyway, robbing her and cutting her neck with a sharp metal object, a district attorney in the New York City borough said ...

Sospechoso de agresión sexual en tienda de comestibles de Pensilvania arrestado, la policía dice

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El incidente ocurrió el día anterior en un baño en la tienda en Pauline Drive en York Township., La Policía Regional del Área de York dijo. (DEPARTAMENTO DE POLICÍA REGIONAL DEL ÁREA DE YORK) La policía dijo que el sospechoso estaba cerca..

A 12-foot Burmese python has been loose in a Louisiana mall store for days

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Search teams in Baton Rouge are rolling snake eyes when it comes to finding Cara, a large, banana-yellow Burmese python that slithered out of her exhibit in the Blue Zoo aquarium in the Mall of Louisiana on Monday n...

Walmart worker restrained deer in Wisconsin store, wildlife agency chimes in: ‘Hopefully all unharmed

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The incident reportedly occurred in the city of Baraboo on June 23, according to Rebecca Pickel – the passerby who recorded the employee holding down the belting mammal. GIANT LIZARD SNEAKS INTO 7-ELEVEN, SENDS CUSTO...

A warm Fourth of July is in store for most of the country, but some areas could get soaked

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The Fourth of July holiday weekend is quickly approaching, and weather conditions across the US will contrast starkly from coast to coast for the celebration. Dry and hot conditions will prevail in the West this w...

NYC business owner doubts criminals who looted her store will be punished: ‘The system has failed us

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"The system has failed us," Jessica Betancourt, the owner of Bronx Optical Center, told host Steve Doocy, reacting to reports that district attorneys in Manhattan and the Bronx have dropped looting charges against hu...

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