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Newt Gingrich: America’s last WW2 veterans – here are their honest, inspiring and heartbreaking stories

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When Drago was done speaking, Biggio, a veteran himself who served in Iraq and Afghanistan, asked his neighbor to sign the rifle. The young Marine always wanted to remember those precious hours. Thus began Biggio’s ...

Scientists confirm discovery of Australia’s largest dinosaur, two stories tall and a basketball court long

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A new species of dinosaur discovered in Australia has been confirmed as the largest ever found in the country, and one of the biggest in the world. The fossilized skeleton, nicknamed "Cooper," was found in southwest...

GOP governors share COVID reopening success stories on ‘Hannity’ eksklusief

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Suid-Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem recalled never closing a single business during the pandemic while the rest of the nation’s small businesses went under in tragic numbers. "We didn’t even define what an essential busine...

How has the Covid-19 crisis in India affected you? Share you stories

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The coronavirus pandemic is devastating lives and families in India. Hospitals are scrambling for supplies, medical staff are in shortage and health care infrastructure is being pushed beyond its limit. The effect o...

NBC News boss revealed as board member of Walmart, Pepsi, vows to ‘recusehimself from related news stories

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Conde, who took over as the boss of the Peacock Network's news division in May 2020, is on the board of directors for both Walmart and Pepsi, as first reported in the Wall Street Journal as a glaring revelation in a ...

Stories from the border: A midnight ride-along with Border Agents

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It’s past 11 nm. as our Fox crew begins the ride-along. Even at this hour, the air is hot and humid. The dirt roads are uneven, framed by dense brush and trees. Binne enkele minute, our headlights illuminate several peop...

‘Drunk History: Black Storieswill give you something to toast

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Comedy Central's popular "Drunk History" series is getting a spinoff, but be sure to watch it responsibly. A new digital series titled "Drunk History: Black Stories" is being brought to the world by Comedy Central I...

Final Four: Gonzaga’s the favorite, but all the teams have great basketball stories to tell

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Here's two reasons to marvel at the men's Final Four on Saturday night: Op een of ander manier, the Covid-19 pandemic didn't derail the season, despite lots of postponed or canceled games over five months. Tweede, for all the str...

Verhale oor kinders wat van ouers geskei is, beklemtoon die prys van Hong Kong se sukses in die koronavirus

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Hong Kong Toe Ariel haar twee jong seuns in Covid-19 in 'n hospitaalafdeling in Hong Kong sien, isoleer, sy het gebreek. Die broers -- ouderdom 5 en 1 en albei asimptomaties -- het baadjies aangehad wat aan hul beddens vasgemaak was aan ...

Sarah Everard case prompts outpouring from women sharing stories of abuse and harassment on UK streets

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London The disappearance of Sarah Everard, a 33-year-old marketing executive, while walking home in London one evening has sparked an outpouring on social media from women sharing their own experiences of sexual assa...

These were CNN’s top 100 digital stories of 2020

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You know it's been a remarkable year when a devastating global pandemic isn't the only major story capturing people's attention. In a look at CNN's most-read digital stories of 2020, November's historic US president...

Brittanje se 'Wag Wars’ die hooggeregshof bereik, as sokkerspelers’ vrouens bots oor 'uitgelek’ stories

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Londen 'n Bekende openbare spoeg tussen sokkerspelersvroue Coleen Rooney en Rebekah Vardy het Donderdag die hooggeregshof in Brittanje bereik, toe lasterprosedures begin het in die celebrity-sage oor uitgelekte poniekoerant..

Sommige van die mees verbode boeke bevat LGBTQ-verhale, biblioteekvereniging sê

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Sommige skoolbiblioteke verbied boeke omdat karakters heksery gebruik. Ander doen dit as gevolg van godslastering of seksuele inhoud, of as gevolg van ongemaklike temas soos rassisme. Maar 'n groot deel van die meeste uitgedaagde ...