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A Canadian man drives a stranded American family 1,000 miles to Alaska

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There's nice, and then there's Canadian-nice, which sometimes involves driving a total stranger, her two kids, a pair of elderly dogs and a cat named "Midnight" more than a thousand miles through a snowstorm to anot...

A humpback whale is stranded in a crocodile-infested river after taking a wrong turn

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A humpback whale has become stranded in a crocodile-infested river in Australia, after apparently becoming confused during migration. In 'n "very unusual" gebeurtenis, three of the animals entered East Alligator River in K...

'N Beampte het stilgehou om te help wat hy gedink het 'n motorfiets was. In plaas daarvan, hy het gehelp om 'n baba te baar

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Dit was 'n Valentynsdag-wonderwerk. 'N Beampte wat Sondag oggend naby die O'Hare Internasionale Lughawe in Chicago gestop het om te help wat hy gedink het 'n vasgevang motoris was, het vinnig agtergekom die passasier van die voertuig was aktief..

Australian officials are racing to save hundreds of stranded pilot whales. A third have already died

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Marine experts and government officials are racing to save hundreds of pilot whales after a mass stranding in Australia, with dozens of the animals already dead. Oor 270 pilot whales are stranded in Strahan, a sma...

Border agents rescue 26 migrants stranded in Arizona desert

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The agents received a 911 call from a group of migrants in the Tabletop Mountains, which is near Arizona’s southern border shared with Mexico. A group of migrants who rescued by border patrol agents last wee...

Bridge inspector rescues dog stranded 120 feet above Mississippi River

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An ordinary workday quickly turned into a rescue mission after a bridge inspector spotted a stranded dog 120 feet above the Mississippi River. Ryan Nataluk was working alongside his crew on Sunday afternoon when Cra...

Gesondheidswerkers, vas in die sneeu, toedien koronavirus-entstof aan gestrande bestuurders

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Anders as baie mense wat kilometers moet ry om 'n Covid-19-entstof te kry, sommige reisigers in die suidweste van Oregon het die entstof Dinsdag onder verraderlike weerstoestande na hulle laat kom. CNN-analise dui daarop 12% -- en soos ...

Hundreds of whales are stranded on a sandbank in Australia

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Hundreds of pilot whales are stranded on a sandbar in Tasmania, an island off the southern coast of Australia. A rescue mission is underway but it is not clear how many of the whales might already be dead, local wil...

Hundreds stranded in the cold waiting for buses in chaotic post-Trump rally scene

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Omaha, Nebraska When President Donald Trump left Omaha on Tuesday, thousands watched and cheered in the frigid air as Air Force One took off into the night sky. But for these loyal supporters, their experience at the...

Man spends seven days stranded after his GPS directed him to an unplowed mountain pass

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A man who became stranded during heavy snow in the backcountry of California's Sierra Nevada mountains for a week after following the directions on his GPS was rescued alive after surviving on a small supply of food...

Meer as 400 people stranded after ferry runs aground in Finland

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Sommige 331 passasiers en 98 crew members are stranded after the MS Viking Grace, a large passenger ferry, ran aground Saturday afternoon off the coast of Mariehamn, in the Finnish archipelago of the Aland Islands, ac ...

Rescuers work to free whale stranded in River Thames in London

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Rescue operations are underway to free a whale stranded in the River Thames in London, the Port of London Authority said. The whale was spotted at around 2 nm. EN (7 nm. plaaslike tyd) Sunday stuck near Richmond Lock...

Russian sailors rescue stranded dog from Arctic ice

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One-year-old Samoyed "Aika" had strayed far from her owner and village, wandering near the "Alexander Sannikov" icebreaker. PUTIN SIGNS LAW ENDING RUSSIA'S OPEN SKIES TREATY WITH THE US Video from the scene shows th...

Vreemdelinge het 'n afleweringsbestuurder ingeneem vir 5 dae nadat sy in die Texas-storm gestrand was

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Toe 'n afleweringsbestuurder op 'n ysige Texas-oprit begin gly, sy maak haar oë toe, en gebid dat sy nie die kliënt se huis sou tref nie. Sy het nie die huis getref nie, maar Chelsea Timmons se motor het 'n blombedding buite 'n A vergruis..

The Coast Guard rescued 10 people stranded on ice floes in Lake Erie

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Ten people became stranded on floating sheets of ice in Lake Erie on Sunday, requiring rescue from the local Coast Guard. The group became stuck on two ice floes near a waterfront park in Cleveland, Ohio, the Coast ...

Trump-ondersteuners op byeenkomste raak steeds vasgevang in koue temperature

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Na ten minste vier van president Donald Trump se byeenkomste in die afgelope twee weke, vervoerkwessies het honderde ondersteuners ure lank gestrand gelaat. In Nebraska, Pennsylvania, Noord-Carolina en Sondagaand in ...

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