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Family rescued after days stranded in Australian desert

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A family of four were rescued by a helicopter Tuesday after their vehicle got stuck in the Australian outback following bad weather and flooding. The two adults and two children were traveling in a Mitsubishi Canter...

Luke Bryan helps Tennessee mom left stranded after her tire blows

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Courtney Potts – a mom of two – ran into trouble Sunday when she was driving to her parent's house, according to WKRN. After noticing that her tire had blown, Potts pulled over to the side of the road in Columbia, th ...

Florida mom and adopted children stranded in Bulgaria due to vaccine requirement to travel

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Amy Dobrikova joined "狐 & フレンズファースト" expressing her frustration over the matter, saying this isn't the "American way" as the Biden administration makes international travel for the unvaccinated more challen...

ポンペイ: バイデンは「ほとんど何もしていません’ アフガニスタンで立ち往生しているアメリカ人を家に連れて行く

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マイクポンペオ: これは悲劇的です. おもう [バイデン政権] 明らかにアメリカ人を誤解させた, 大統領だけでなく国防長官, あなたが話しているように. 最長の時間, 彼らはbについて話しました。.

Conditions deteriorate for American evacuees from Kabul stranded in UAE, 主催者は言う

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"They will not allow a charter on an international flight into a U.S. port of entry," Bryan Stern, a founder of non-profit group Project Dynamo, told Reuters of Customs and Border Protection. The evacuation on Tuesda...

海兵隊でいっぱいのバスによって救われたワシントンDCの洪水で立ち往生した女性: 「これまでで最もアメリカ的なもの’

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9月の鉄砲水で、バージニア・ウォーラー・トレスがアーリントン国立墓地の外で車の中で立ち往生した. 16 バスが停車し、6人の海兵隊員が助けを求めて飛び出したとき. 彼女は救助のビデオを録画して投稿しました ...

アフガニスタンで立ち往生している米国市民は、去る努力を涙ながらに説明します, 国務省は助けていないと言います

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"私はアメリカでグラウンドロープを走らせています," ウィルソンは言った, ProjectDynamoで働く人, アフガニスタンに閉じ込められたアメリカ人を支援する組織. "その役割の一部は、データベースを調べて、誰が必要かを確認することです。.

Blinken acknowledges Americans still stranded in Afghanistan 2 weeks after withdrawal

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Blinken's testimony came two weeks after the completion of the Afghanistan withdrawal. "So as of the end of last week, we had about 100 hundred American citizens in Afghanistan who told us that they wish to leave th...

RNC hammers Harris for campaigning for Newsom while Californians are stranded in Afghanistan

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The ads hold nothing back ripping into the vice president as she gallivants around California with the embattled governor. One ad is making its rounds on a mobile billboard pointing out that Harris is campaigning for...


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ホストのレイチェルカンポス-ダフィーは、国務省を明らかにする新しい電子メールについての彼女のショーを開きました "アフガニスタンから第三世界の国々に上陸するための私的避難飛行の公式承認を与えることを拒否した。" F.。.

Reported texts claim Americans stranded at Kabul airport waved passports; weren’t let in: Solomon

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Solomon told "ハニティ" that one unnamed 82nd Airborne commander exclaimed Sunday "we are [exp exp exp倒語] abandoning American citizens." "Because Biden was not going to do that, and the military to rescue stranded Americ...

ホワイトハウスの関係者は「愕然とし、文字通り恐ろしい’ そのバイデンはアフガニスタンでアメリカ人を立ち往生させた: 報告する

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New Jersey man says family stranded in Afghanistan, blocked from airport despite holding US passports

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"They should have been home last week. It should have been about a week now since they been home. だが, everything that happened it is honestly crazy. I don’t know what to think. I have been sitting here praying. My u...

以上 100 men stranded on drill ship in Gulf during Ida, no rescue in sight: ‘Crying in the hallway

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"I mean I was watching grown men with life jackets hold on for dear life crying in the hallway. It was bad," one anonymous crew member told KLFY News Ten. Crew on the Noble’s Globetrotter II drill ship, which is loca...

カリフォルニアの家族はアフガニスタンで立ち往生していると信じていた, 7 他の人は避難しました

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米国としてのアフガニスタンには、この地区から合計8家族がいました。. 過去2週間で避難が始まりました. 月曜日に, 2つだけが説明されていないままでした. "大人は全部で7人います。.

Americans left behind in Afghanistan despite Psaki claim it was ‘irresponsibleto say some are ‘stranded

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"I think it’s irresponsible to say Americans are stranded. They are not," Psaki said during a press briefing last week. "We are committed to bringing Americans, who want to come home, 家. We are in touch with them ...

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