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Biden defiende el viaje a Arabia Saudita como un intento de "fortalecer una asociación estratégica"’ en el artículo de opinión de WaPo

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"Sé que hay muchos que no están de acuerdo con mi decisión de viajar a Arabia Saudita.. Mis puntos de vista sobre los derechos humanos son claros y de larga data., y las libertades fundamentales siempre están en la agenda cuando viajo al extranjero, como TH...

Blinken says US is ready to strengthen diplomacy with China in ‘charged moment for the world

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Washington US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said the US is ready to strengthen diplomacy and increase communication with China "across a full range of issues" in a speech on the administration's policy towards th...

Guerra Ucrania-Rusia: European leaders announce plans to strengthen defensive, reduce dependence

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Leaders from the 27 member states of the European Union on Friday held an "informal meeting" at the historic palace of Versailles outside of Paris to discuss the invasion of Ukraine and determine next steps. ¿Cuánto tiempo hasta que la tiranía al estilo canadiense llegue a Estados Unidos? ...

Tropical Storm Elsa has time to strengthen before reaching Florida

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The system has time to strengthen a bit as it parallels the west coast of Florida in the next 24 hours before making landfall north of Tampa on Wednesday morning. The latest National Hurricane Center advisory has up...

To strengthen 2A, Reps. Newhouse introduces bill designating firearms industry workers as ‘essential

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The Washington Republican announced the "Second Amendment is Essential Act," which would classify the gun industry as "a critical infrastructure sector" and the industry’s employees as critical workers, in a press re...

Biden administration unveils effort to strengthen cybersecurity of power grid

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Washington The Biden administration kicked off a 100-day effort on Tuesday to beef up cybersecurity in the nation's power grid, calling for industry leaders to install technologies that could thwart attacks on the el...

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis discusses legislation to strengthen police protection and prevent riots

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RON DESANTIS: Durante el verano, we were one of the states that said ‘we’re not having riots in the state of Florida,’ so we put our foot down, we protected our folks. The bill I’m going to sign very soon is the strong...

Strengthen your heart like a pro athlete

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When you think of professional athletes training, you might have an image of impossibly grueling workouts that the average person could never get through. That isn't exactly accurate. The biggest difference between ...

Democrats introduce legislation to strengthen anti-sexual harassment protocols at State Department

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Washington Three House Democratic lawmakers on Wednesday introduced legislation aimed at strengthening anti-harassment, assault and retaliation policies at the US State Department. Repeticiones. Joaquin Castro, Jackie Speier...