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Elephant kills Spanish zoo keeper with one strike from trunk

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A zoo worker in Spain died when an elephant hit him with her trunk, throwing him against the bars of her enclosure, local officials confirmed. Joaquin Gutierrez Arnaiz, aged 44, was hit by a 4,000-kilogram (4.4-t...

Pompeo slams Biden admin for ‘failed’ Kabul strike, says military was under ‘enormous’ political pressure

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Speaking with Fox News' "Sunday Morning Futures," Pompeo noted that "it's obviously a tragedy that civilians were killed" and argued that the botched strike "is just another piece of an evacuation that was driven by ...

LIVE UPDATES: Israeli strike takes out top Hamas terrorist, Blinken calls Netanyahu

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An Israeli airstrike Wednesday killed Bassem Issa, Hamas' highest-ranking military figure. ISRAELI AIRSTRIKE KILLS TOP HAMAS MANDER AS NETANYAHU VOWS 'IRON FIST IF NEEDED' Fast Facts Secretary of State Antony Blinke...

Former US Marine Trevor Reed is on a hunger strike to protest imprisonment in Russia, family says

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American citizen Trevor Reed has been on a nearly weeklong hunger strike to protest his detainment in Russia and the "numerous and flagrant violations" of his human rights by Russian authorities, according to his fa...

Maryland lightning strike caught on camera amid severe thunderstorms

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The resident shared the video of the neighborhood lightning strike on Wednesday with FOX-affiliate WTTG.  Thousands of residents in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area were without power earlier this week as thun...

HUNGER STRIKE DAY 2: Strikers begin to feel health consequences, remain committed

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"I'm feeling very tired, cold and hungry, obviously, but committed to being here," Un-PAC co-founder Shana Gallagher told Fox News Digital. Gallagher said she's also "having trouble sleeping" and experiencing "really...

CNN analysis: Georgia’s proposed weekend voting restrictions would strike at Black voters

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Black Georgians disproportionately cast their ballots on the weekend days that Republican lawmakers want to eliminate as options in future elections, according to a CNN analysis of voting data from last November's g...

NBC, CNN Sunday shows spend just seconds on botched Afghan drone strike after ignoring blunder last week

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On Friday, the Pentagon confirmed that the Aug. 28 drone strike was a "tragic mistake" that resulted in ten dead civilians, including seven children, which was meant to be in response to the Aug. 26 terrorist attack ...

National weather forecast: Severe storms to again strike US midsection

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Large hail, damaging winds, tornadoes and heavy rain could result in flash flooding.  The threat of severe weather Thursday. (Fox News)

US citizen Trevor Reed jailed in Russia ended hunger strike after 6 days

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American citizen Trevor Reed, who has been detained and jailed in Russia for more than two years, ended a days-long hunger strike last week, saying that he has "lost a lot of weight" and is "very sick now." In a sta...

Pompeo: Biden Friday speech failed to ‘strike fear’ into the Taliban

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"President Biden’s address to America today failed to respond to the crisis in Afghanistan," Pompeo told Fox News. "It did not lay out a plan to get American civilians home, it did not strike fear in the Taliban suff...

HUNGER STRIKE DAY 5: As pain sets in, strikers feel ‘disheartened’ but ‘resolved’; three drop out

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"My body is the weakest it has ever felt in my life," one hunger striker, a college student, told Fox News Digital. "This morning, it literally felt like someone was compressing my chest and holding me down in bed," ...

Tornadoes and heavy winds strike five states as storms continue into the Southeast

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Tornadoes struck the Deep South after a line of storms moved through the region Wednesday, part of a system that is expected to continue further into the Southeast and the Eastern Seaboard on Thursday, leaving milli...

Senior Al Qaeda leader killed in drone strike in Syria, US defense officials say

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Salim Abu-Ahmad was killed in a U.S. airstrike near Idlib, Syria on Sept. 20. He was responsible for planning, funding, and approving trans-regional Al Qaeda attacks.  A U.S. Air Force MQ-1B Predator unmann...

Tybee Island lightning strike kills 15-year-old swimmer

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A 15-year-old girl died Saturday after she was struck by lightning while swimming off the coast of Georgia, according to the Tybee Island Police Department. Police say they got a 911 call around 2:37 p.m. about a fe...

Imprisoned Georgia opposition leader Saakashvili faints in prison amid hunger strike

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MIKHEIL SAAKASHVILI: UKRAINE'S PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION SHOULD SEND A CLEAR MESSAGE TO EVERY POLITICIAN Saakashvili has been on a hunger strike for 49 days while protesting his incarceration. A council of medics set up ...

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