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DeGrom strikes out 9 in row as Mets split with Rockies

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He fell short of the record and nearly missed a win. DeGrom finished with 14 strikeouts to lead the New York Mets over the Rockies 4-3 in a doubleheader opener. KLIK HIER VIR MEER SPORTDEKKING . German Márquez ...

Garden gnome shortage strikes due to pandemic and Suez Canal blockage

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Die afgelope jaar, a combination of changing consumer needs and issues stemming from the pandemic has caused a variety of shortages. These supply issues have ranged from toilet paper to aluminum cans and even pepper...

North Texas softball’s Hope Trautwein strikes out each batter in historic perfect game

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The Mean Green softball star struck out each batter she saw in the team’s seven-inning win over Arkansas Pine-Bluff on Sunday. It was the first perfect game in school history and is believed to be the first perfect s...

Sister of gang violence victim slams LA DA Gascón’s push to eliminate juvenile strikes

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Courtney made the comment on "jakkals & Vriende-naweek," two days after Gascón argued that eliminating juvenile strikes "will make our community safer." Gascon - joined by Los Angeles Assembly Member Miguel Santia...

Ramírez homers twice, Bieber strikes out 12 in Indians’ wen

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Ramírez's one-out shot to right off Greg Holland (0-1) gave the Indians their first home win in 2021 after they were shut out 3-0 Maandag. KLIK HIER VIR MEER SPORTDEKKING . Vroeër, Ramirez connected for a two...

As the Arctic warms, lightning strikes are more frequenteven near the North Pole

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The Arctic is not usually a hotbed for lightning -- the air is simply not warm enough for thunderstorms to usually occur. But as the Arctic warms at an alarming rate, that lightning frequency is changing as well. Ek ...

Saudi-led coalition intensifies Yemen air strikes, hits grains port

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Dubai, UAEThe Saudi-led coalition fighting in Yemen unleashed dozens of airstrikes against what it called Houthi military targets in the country's north, including the capital Sanaa and the port of Salif on the Red S...

6.4 quake strikes Argentina’s San Juan province, no tsunami warning issued

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A magnitude 6.4 earthquake has struck Argentina's west-central province of San Juan on Monday night, according to a preliminary report from the United States Geological Survey. A series of aftershocks around the c...

11 people missing after landslide strikes southern Norway, leaving large crater

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Ten people were injured, one of them critically, en 11 were classified as missing after a landslide in southern Norway swept away more than a dozen buildings in the early hours of Wednesday, polisie gesê. The landsl...

Federale regter staak die beleid van Ohio wat transgender mense verbied om hul geboortesertifikaat reg te stel

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Washington 'n Federale regter het Woensdag die beleid van Ohio verbied wat transgender inwoners verbied om die geslagmerker op hul geboortesertifikaat reg te stel, die weg vir individue om die dokument te wysig..

4.0 magnitude earthquake strikes near Bliss Corner, Massachusetts, USGS says

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A 4.0 magnitude earthquake struck near Bliss Corner, Massachusetts, on Sunday morning, according to preliminary information from the US Geological Survey. The temblor was felt more than 100 myle weg, in Burlingto...

Air strikes in Ethiopia’s Tigray region will continue, PM says

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Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed vowed further air strikes after jets bombed the northern Tigray region on Friday amid reports that Tigrayan forces had seized control of federal military sites and weapons. The mi...

Magnitude-7.0 earthquake strikes off Greece and Turkey in the Aegean Sea

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A 7.0-magnitude earthquake hit the Aegean Sea off Greece and Turkey on Friday, volgens die United States Geological Survey. At least six buildings have been destroyed in the Turkish cities of Izmir, Bornova and...

The US could see the fewest recorded deaths from lightning strikes this year

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In a year of increasingly bleak headlines, here's one uplifting piece of news: The US is on track to experience the fewest recorded deaths from lightning strikes in a single year. Fourteen people have died from lig...