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Most major airlines won’t force employees to COVID vaccine, but will ‘strongly encourage’ esso

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chiudi Video Fox News Flash principali titoli per gennaio 25 I titoli principali di Fox News Flash sono qui. Controlla cosa sta facendo clic su Not every airline is handling the vaccine in the same way. Due to the n...

GOP lawmaker ‘strongly considering’ impeachment: Trump is ‘no longer qualified to hold that office

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Washington Michigan GOP Rep. Peter Meijer said Monday evening he is "strongly considering" voting to impeach President Donald Trump following last week's riot at the US Capitol, assessing that the President is "no l...

NFL “strongly encouragesplayers to wear masks while on sideline during games

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The NFL is recommending that players not in a game or about to enter a game wear face coverings while on the sideline, as players across the league continue to test positive for Covid-19. In a memo obtained by CNN o...

McConnell calls Amy Coney Barrett ‘exceptionally impressive,’ Schumer will ‘strongly’ oppose nomination

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close Video How Amy Coney Barrett's Supreme Court nomination came about Fox News chief White House correspondent John Roberts on how Judge Amy Coney Barrett became a consideration to fill Ruth Bader Ginsburg's se...

Vatican strongly condemns euthanasia, calling it an ‘act of homicide

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Rome The Vatican has condemned euthanasia in its strongest language yet, calling it an "act of homicide" that can never be justified, in a document issued Tuesday. The 17-page document, published by the Vatican's doc...