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‘It was so dark’: Tennis star Nick Kyrgios opens up on mental health struggles

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Tennis star Nick Kyrgios has opened about the mental health issues that he has battled throughout his career, saying he struggled with drug and alcohol abuse and also self-harm. The enigmatic Australian, whose on-co...

‘Die Vyf’ on Biden admin’s economic struggles

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Dit is 'n haastige transkripsie van "Die Vyf," April 1, 2022. This copy may not be in its final form and may be updatedJESSE WATTERS, FOX NUUSGASheer: Hallo, I'm Jesse Watters along with Judge Jeanine Pirro, Jessica Tarlov...

‘Die Vyf’ on struggles facing Democrats ahead of midterm elections

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SANDRA SMITH, FOX NUUSGASheer: In the streets here, dit was -- it was a silent moment and obviously a somber one and we will remember and we'll get better and we will support them. Thank you very much for joining us her...

'Jou wêreld’ on Russia conflict, economic struggles facing Americans

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SANDRA SMITH, FOX NUUSAnker: Dankie, Martha.The last-ditch efforts to stave off a Russian invasion of Ukraine. Will it work?Hallo, almal. I'm Sandra Smith, in vir Neil Cavuto. En hierdie is "Jou wêreld."And it'...

‘Friends’ star Matthew Perry to write ‘candidmemoir about addiction struggles, hit sitcom

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Die "Vriende" star is set to release a memoir in fall 2022 where he’ll discuss his time filming the sitcom, as well as his battles with addictions, Fox News verneem het. The book is a result of a reported seven-figur...

16-'njarige Suid-Carolina-student sterf aan Covid-19-komplikasies terwyl die skooldistrik sukkel met infeksies

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Terwyl studente terugkeer na die eerste skooldag in Lancaster County, Suid Carolina, die leierskap van die distrik het bevestig dat 'n 16-jarige student aan komplikasies van Covid-19 gesterf het. "Ons is bedroef daaroor ...

ACC race looks wide open amid No. 25 Clemson’s struggles

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Six-time reigning league champion and 25th-ranked Clemson has an early league loss against one of its top division challengers and two losses overall. North Carolina and Miami have gone from preseason top-15 teams to...

As March Madness descends on Indianapolis, the city struggles with some of its highest homicide numbers ever

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As Indianapolis hosts the NCAA Tournament this month, it does so against the backdrop of a rise in homicides that threaten to thwart this sprawling city's economic recovery. Sports events drive much of the tourism i...

Baby gorilla hand-reared by zookeepers after mother struggles to look after him

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London Zookeepers in the British city of Bristol are giving a baby gorilla round-the-clock care, including bottle feeding through the night, as his mother has been struggling to look after him. The team of keepers at...

Ben Simmons: Struggles in Philadelphia began before last season

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He's eager to begin moving on with the Brooklyn Nets, though isn't sure yet when he will join them on the court. Nor was he sure how things got so bad in Philadelphia. KLIK HIER VIR MEER SPORTDEKKING . "If I...

Biden loses media support, sees tougher coverage as political struggles mount: ‘No longer seen as competent

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While Biden enjoyed glowing coverage the first six months of his presidency, his botched handling of the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan last summer sparked a public crisis in confidence and dwindling cred...

miljard Berkshire-uitkoop weens 'n gebrek aan openbaarmakings’ miljard Berkshire-uitkoop weens 'n gebrek aan openbaarmakings

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miljard Berkshire-uitkoop weens 'n gebrek aan openbaarmakings, miljard Berkshire-uitkoop weens 'n gebrek aan openbaarmakings -- miljard Berkshire-uitkoop weens 'n gebrek aan openbaarmakings.

Biden’s struggles shouldn’t eclipse GOP’s year of dangerous falsehoods

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America's running political conversation defaults to the sitting president. Vandag, Joe Biden's legislative struggles, pandemic management and weak approval rating drown out most everything else. Maar in 2021, the pe...

Groot 12 kwartspel vol gesukkel en verrassings

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Baie van die agterspeler speel in die Groot 12 tot dusver is hierdie seisoen nie wat enigiemand verwag het nie. Die liga se bestes sukkel, terwyl sommige nuwelinge 'n paar groot vroeë indrukke gemaak het. KLIK HIER VIR MEER SPORTOMSLAG ...

Bubba Watson sê angsstryd van Naomi Osaka 'slaan 'n bietjie naby aan die huis’

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Watson het gesê dat sy kwessies nou met angs gepubliseer het, "treffers vir my 'n bietjie naby die huis." "As iemand wat sukkel met angs, my hart gaan uit na Naomi Osaka," het hy op Twitter geskryf. "Ek juig haar toe vir priorizin ...

California struggles with vaccine equity as state prepares to expand eligibility to all adults

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Los Angeles Dr. Jerry Abraham is determined to ensure California's most vulnerable communities have access to the Covid-19 vaccine. Abraham has spent the last several months calling state officials to demand vaccin...

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