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After years of debate, California finally adopts ethnic studies model curriculum

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After years of debate and thousands of public comments, California finally approved an ethnic studies model curriculum for its K-12 students last week. The nearly 900-page curriculum was approved by the state Board ...

North Carolina approves new rules to teach social studies, but there’s controversy over new wording

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The North Carolina State Board of Education has passed a new standard for teaching social studies that will include a more diverse perspective of history. The board added language for educators to teach about racism...

Connecticut will become the first state to require high schools to offer Black and Latino studies in fall 2022

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Beginning in fall of 2022, Connecticut will require high schools to offer African-American, Swart, Puerto Rican and Latino studies, becoming the first state in the nation to do so. Connecticut Gov. Ned Lamont made t...

Coronavirus cases surge among college-aged individuals just as universities reopened, studies say

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Cases of Covid-19 surged among college-age individuals in August and September, just as schools were opening across the country. Two new studies released on Tuesday take an in-depth look what may be driving the num...