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We may not need 10,000 daily steps for long life, studies suggest

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The first study, published in JAMA Network Open last month, followed over 2,000 middle-aged men and women for over 10 anni. When the participants first joined the study, they wore a monitor that tracked their steps ...

Scientists looked at more than 100,000 studies and found the world has a giant climate-crisis blind spot

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Scientists using artificial intelligence to sift through around 100,000 climate studies were trying to put a number on how many people in the world were already experiencing the impacts of the climate crisis. Inste...

Newsom signs controversial bill requiring ethnic studies for all CA students to graduate

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"This bill would add the completion of a one-semester course in ethnic studies, meeting specified requirements, to the graduation requirements commencing with pupils graduating in the 2029–30 school year, including f...

Colorado parents create ‘no-politicspublic school with focus on traditional studies

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Merit Academy in Woodland Park, Colo., opened Aug. 23 con circa 186 enrolled students and 65 more on their waiting list. The K-8 school, which plans to expand through grade 12, emphasizes the principles of civic res...

WHO says COVID-19 origin needs more studies as top expert’s lab ‘concernmade public for first time

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Di giovedì, the WHO in a new statement admitted that the lab-leak was not "estremamente improbabile" Dopotutto. "On review of the phase one study report, WHO determined that there was insufficient scientific evidence to r...

NASA studies Louisiana delta system in effort to combat global climate change

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NASA is using high-tech airborne systems along with boats and mud-slogging work on islands for a $ 15 milioni, five-year study of these adjacent areas of Louisiana. One is hitched to a river and growing; the other i...

California ethnic studies program criticized as ‘hate for Americaby opponents, praised by supporters

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The Los Alamitos Unified School District recently developed an elective ethnic studies course for high school students intended to engage students with "diverse perspectives on the history of our country." The Los Al...

California ethnic studies pitch denounces US as a ‘parasitic systembased on the ‘invasionof White settlers

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Cristoforo Rufo, a documentarian and writer, obtained slides from the presentation and posted them to Twitter Tuesday, along with an essay detailing his conclusions in the City Journal, a conservative magazine. "Il...

After years of debate, California finally adopts ethnic studies model curriculum

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After years of debate and thousands of public comments, California finally approved an ethnic studies model curriculum for its K-12 students last week. The nearly 900-page curriculum was approved by the state Board ...

La Carolina del Nord approva nuove regole per insegnare studi sociali, ma c'è polemica sulla nuova formulazione

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Il North Carolina State Board of Education ha approvato un nuovo standard per l'insegnamento degli studi sociali che includerà una prospettiva più diversificata della storia. Il consiglio ha aggiunto un linguaggio per insegnare agli insegnanti sul razzismo..

Il Connecticut diventerà il primo stato a richiedere alle scuole superiori di offrire studi neri e latini in autunno 2022

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A partire dall'autunno del 2022, Il Connecticut richiederà alle scuole superiori di offrire afro-americano, Nero, Studi portoricani e latini, diventando il primo stato della nazione a farlo. Connecticut Gov. Ned Lamont ha fatto t ...

Coronavirus cases surge among college-aged individuals just as universities reopened, studies say

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Cases of Covid-19 surged among college-age individuals in August and September, just as schools were opening across the country. Two new studies released on Tuesday take an in-depth look what may be driving the num...