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There’s no cap on income affecting happiness, despite previous evidence: 연구

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닫기 Video Fox News 1 월 플래시 톱 헤드 라인 21 Fox News Flash 주요 헤드 라인은 여기. Foxnews.com에서 무엇을 클릭하는지 확인하십시오. It turns out mo’ money may actually mean mo’ smiles. While traditional ...

Preemies may have greater risk of premature death as adults, 연구 제안

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One in 10 babies around the world is born prematurely, and the vastly improved survival rates of preemies is one of the most striking advances of modern health care -- with the overwhelming majority of those born pr...

Coronavirus lockdowns may have no clear benefit vs. voluntary measures, international study says

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close Video Global study: Lockdowns may not be more effective against COVID-19 'Unreported Truths' author Alex Berenson joins 'Tucker Carlson Tonight' with reaction Mandatory stay-at-home orders and business cl...

Police respond differently when it’s a left-wing protest, 연구 결과

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President Donald Trump's supporters were still rampaging through the US Capitol when the question arose: If these had been Black Lives Matter demonstrators instead of overwhelmingly White, militant Trump backers, ho ...

코로나 바이러스는 미국 평균 수명을 1 년 이상 떨어 뜨릴 것입니다, 연구 결과

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코로나 바이러스 전염병은 수천 명의 미국인 사망에 즉각적인 영향을 미치고 있습니다., 또한 미국 평균 수명이 1 년 이상 단축되고 있습니다.. P ...

Workaholics at a greater risk of depression, 연구 결과

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close Video Deutsche Bank work-from-home tax proposal is ‘absolutely wrong’: Varney FOX Business host Stuart Varney tells ‘Fox &앰프; Friends' we should be encouraging people to stay at home and take care of t...

Covid-19 infection grants immunity for five months, UK study suggests

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London People who have been infected by Covid-19 may have immunity to the virus for around five months, according to preliminary findings in a new study led by Public Health England (PHE). The SIREN research examined...

2020 퇴직자들은이 주와 도시로 가장 많이 이동했습니다., 연구 결과

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닫기 비디오 31 COVID-19 대유행 기간 동안 미국인 백만 명이 은퇴 저축에 빠져 은퇴 자금에 덜 기여하는 근로자; 폭스 비즈 플래시: 5/27. 은퇴자들을 유치하는 주가 플로리다 만은 아니 었습니다..

During coronavirus pandemic, Chick-fil-A boasts strongest brand intimacy among fast-food competition: 연구

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close Video An inside look at Chick-fil-A’s business empire Chick-fil-A ambassador Trudy Cathy White discusses her mother’s influence on the brand and the spirit of the food chain. The people have spoken – an...

영국, Covid 환자를 호텔에 배치하는 것을 고려, 연구 결과 중환자 실 근로자들 사이에 깊은 외상이

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런던 영국에서 코로나 바이러스가 유행하는 동안 많은 의사와 간호사가 집중 치료를 받음으로써 외상을 입었습니다., 새로운 연구 결과, 거의 절반이 외상 후 증상을보고했습니다..

No limit to benefits of exercise when it comes to cardiovascular disease risk, 연구 결과

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It has long been understood that being physically active is good for you, particularly when it comes to preventing things like heart attacks and strokes. Physical exercise may be even more important for the preven...

6-foot megalodon shark babies were cannibals in the womb, 연구 말한다

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These extinct sharks gave birth to some really large babies -- about the size of a full-grown human adult. At birth, megalodons were about 6.6 피트, 또는 2 미터, in length, according to a study published Sunday in ...

Three-quarters of Wuhan patients hospitalized for Covid-19 still had symptoms 6 months later, Chinese study finds

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Most patients who had been hospitalized with Covid-19 still suffered a variety of symptoms -- including fatigue and sleep difficulties -- six months after infection, a Chinese study has found. The study of more than...

Kim Kardashian attends Bible study with sister Kourtney amid rumors of ‘imminent’ divorce from Kanye West

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close Video Kanye West deletes tweet about divorcing Kim Kardashian Celebrities speak out on mental health amid Kanye West’s apparent struggles; 폭스 뉴스 헤드 라인 24/7 reporter Carley Shimkus weighs in on ‘Ameri...

Identical twins aren’t always genetically identical, new study finds

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Identical twins may not be quite as identical as we thought; researchers in Iceland have discovered genetic differences that begin at the early stages of embryonic development. Scientists have long used the study of...

WHO 팀은 코로나 바이러스의 기원을 연구하기 위해 중국에 진입하는 것을 차단했습니다

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세계 보건기구는 중국이 코로나 바이러스 전염병의 기원을 조사하는 팀의 도착을 차단했다고 밝혔다, 유엔기구의 드문 견책으로. WHO 사무 총장 Tedros Adhanom Ghebre ...

Couples who meet on dating apps are keen for commitment, 연구 결과

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People who meet their partners on dating apps often have stronger long-term relationship goals -- contrary to the idea that technology encourages casual encounters rather than commitment, a new study has found. Anal...

Young adults who vape cannabis are more likely to experience cough, bronchitis and wheezing, 연구 결과

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The associations between vaping cannabis and respiratory health symptoms haven't been fully known before — but one new study has revealed a key discovery. 연구, which published Tuesday in the journal JAMA Netwo...

Organic meat production is just as bad for environment as regular meat: 연구

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close Video Justice Department investigates high meat prices amid coronavirus crisis Meat processing companies are paying farmers less and less for beef and the Departments of Justice and Agriculture want to kno...

Pregnant women who contract coronavirus in 3rd trimester unlikely to pass infection to newborn, 연구 결과

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close Video ‘No evidence right now’ to suggest COVID-19 vaccines won’t work on mutations: 박사. Nesheiwat 박사. Janette Nesheiwat says virus mutations ‘occur commonly and often’ and that the vaccinations have ‘been s...

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