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Un estudio de los CDC encuentra que la obesidad infantil aumentó a niveles "sustanciales y alarmantes" durante la pandemia de COVID

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El Dr. de los CDC. Alyson Goodman, quien contribuyó al informe, dijo que los resultados señalan un "profundo aumento en el aumento de peso para los niños" y son "sustancial y alarmante." Este Martes, abril 3, 2018 foto de archivo ...

COVID-19 cases hit 1st ‘substantial declinein months, WHO reports

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All regions worldwide reported declines in new infections compared to the prior week, according to the WHO’s latest COVID-19 weekly epidemiological update, released Sept. 14. sin embargo, the U.S., REINO UNIDO., India, Iran...

CDC warns of a ‘substantial increasein fatal drug overdoses coinciding with the Covid-19 pandemic

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The US has seen a substantial increase in fatal drug overdoses and set a record for deaths from overdoses in the year that ended in May, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported Thursday. The worst of...

Federal watchdog: ‘substantial likelihood of wrongdoingat US Agency for Global Media

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The Office of Special Counsel says it "found a substantial likelihood of wrongdoing" at the US Agency for Global Media, led by a controversial Trump political appointee. According to a letter dated Wednesday and ob...

Wikipedia due to get its first substantial website redesign in a decade

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Dust off the bulldozers -- Wikipedia is going under construction. For the first time in 10 años, one of the internet's most-widely used resource websites will be getting a substantial new look. "While Wikipedia's c...