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Walvis van 'n rit: Gebreekte moltreintrein beland op reuse-beeldhouwerk van seediere

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A subway train in the Netherlands was saved from a spectacular crash when it burst through buffers and landed on an artwork in the shape of a whale tail. Die trein "deurgeskiet op nader" to De Akkers station aro...

NYC-metrostasieborde verander in huldeblyk aan Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg

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Verskeie metrotekens in New York City is tydelik verander om te lees "Ruth St." oor die naweek om wyle regter Ruth Bader Ginsburg te vereer. Die blou en wit getitelde mosaïekborde word normaalweg gelees "50ste St.," maar v ...

'N Jaar gratis metro-ritte vir 'n man wat agtervolg en die verdagte van die trein ontspoor

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Nadat hy 'n verdagte wat na bewering verantwoordelik is vir die ontspoor van 'n trein, agtervolg en gevang het, een man kry 'n jaar gratis ritte, het die Metropolitan Transportation Authority Woensdag gesê. "Rikien Wilder se optrede om ...

Women are finally driving Moscow’s subway trains after a decades-long ban

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Trains on the Moscow's famous Metro subway system will now be driven by women, after a decades-long ban on female drivers was overturned. The first of a new generation of women drivers started work on Sunday, akkoord ...

Passengers trapped inside submerged subway as deadly floods sweep central China

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Terrified subway passengers in central China were left clinging to ceiling handles inside flooded cars on Tuesday, trapped up to their necks in rising water, as record breaking rains devastated parts of Henan provin...

In die video kan die NYPD-beampte 'n verdagte in die kop slaan, nadat die departement gesê het dat hy beamptes in die metro aangeval het

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'N Polisiebeampte in New York het 'n verdagte herhaaldelik in die kop geslaan nadat die polisie gesê het die man het beamptes aangeval toe hulle hom van 'n moltreinstasie wou verwyder., volgens die video wat deur die vertrek uitgereik is..

NYC mayor ‘troubledby video showing unmasked officers forcibly removing masked subway commuter

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New York New York Mayor Bill de Blasio said Wednesday he was "ontsteld" by a video showing two unmasked NYPD officers removing a masked commuter from a subway station this week, and he said he expects discipline for ...

Japannese jazz-pianis wat herstel na 'n operasie na die metro-aanval in New York

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'N Japannese jazz-pianis is in 'n metrostasie in New York geslaan, vereis dat hy in die hospitaal opgeneem moet word, volgens die New York City Police Department en die man se familie. Tydens die aanval op September 27, Tadat ...

Man falls through Subway restaurant ceiling while evading police after stealing bike, ham: verslag doen

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A suspect trying to evade police allegedly learned the hard way that the ceiling of an Idaho Subway shop wasn’t strong enough to hold the weight of a grown man. Volgens berigte, the man is suspected of committin...

A good Samaritan died after trying to save a man who fell on the subway tracks in New York City

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A good Samaritan died on New Year's Day while trying to help a man who fell onto subway tracks during a gang assault in New York City. Omstreeks 2:40 vm., the assault victim -- a 38-year-old male -- was approached ...

Jussie Smollett’s Subway sandwich was key to case, ex-Chicago police superintendent says

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Ex-Superintendent Eddie Johnson told NewsNationNow's "Morning in America" that Smollett left his home around 2 am. on the day he claimed to be attacked to buy the sandwich. "OK, dit is goed," Johnson gesê, adding t...

New York City woman sucker-punched from behind, robbed in subway station

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The 23-year-old victim was walking out of the 1 train station at 14th Street and First Avenue — looking down at her phone — a few minutes before 6 nm. Sunday when the stranger ran up behind her and clobbered her in ...

Chicago police officer charged in 2020 viral shooting of man in subway station struggle

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The Cook County State's Attorney's Office announced Officer Melvina Bogard was charged with aggravated battery with a firearm and official misconduct in connection to the shooting of 34-year-old Ariel Roman at the Ch...

NYC moltreinbomaanvaller tot lewenslange tronkstraf gevonnis vir terreuraanval

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New York 'n Man skuldig bevind in die federale hof vir die 2017 terreurbomaanval in 'n New York City moltreinstasie is Donderdag tot lewenslange tronkstraf gevonnis. Akayed Ullah kon op beeldmateriaal in 'n ondergrondse tonnel gesien word..

Ohio teen arrested with AK-47 in Times Square subway station, sê die polisie

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An 18-year-old from Ohio is facing weapons charges after officers patrolling a Times Square subway station on Friday found him with an AK-47 and a loaded magazine, polisie gesê. Saadiq Teague was arrested Friday afte...

NYC woman shoves commuter into moving subway train at Times Square in brazen, on-camera attack

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The female suspect, whom police describe as a woman in her 30s wearing a multicolored scarf, black shirt and beige pants, is seen getting up from a bench inside the 42nd Street and Seventh Avenue station and suddenly...

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