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Man who allegedly shot and killed Goldman Sachs employee on NYC subway indicted on a charge of murder

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The alleged armed gunman who shot and killed a Goldman Sachs employee while riding the subway in May has been indicted on a second-degree murder charge and two counts of criminal possession of a weapon in the second...

NYC man wanted in unprovoked subway slashings, dice la polizia

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Donny Ubiera, 32, of Queens, allegedly brandished a large knife and slashed a 62-year-old man on his face and right hand onboard a southbound 7 train around 8:40 a.m. di venerdì, ha detto la polizia. Police said Ubiera had ap...

I passeggeri della metropolitana di New York rispondono all'annuncio del dipartimento sanitario che dice ai consumatori di fentanil di sentirsi "potenziati" per un uso sicuro di droghe

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"Sento che questo è fare abuso di droghe o uso di droghe qualcosa... sembra quasi una buona cosa," Tori, un texano in visita a New York, disse. "Dovremmo incoraggiarlo tutti, o forse è una brutta cosa che stiamo guardando...

Sospetto arrestato dopo che il video mostra la donna che viene lanciata da una piattaforma della metropolitana del Bronx sui binari

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Un uomo di 30 anni è stato arrestato dopo che un video lo mostrava afferrare una donna su un binario della metropolitana del Bronx e lanciarla brutalmente sui binari della metropolitana, lo ha annunciato martedì il dipartimento di polizia di New York. P ...

NYC suspect seen throwing woman onto subway tracks in broad-daylight caught-on-camera attack

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The 52-year-old woman was standing on the platform for a southbound train at the Westchester Avenue/Jackson Avenue subway station in the Bronx around 4:40 p.m. di domenica, il dipartimento di polizia di New York (NYPD) disse. H ...

NYC subway attack: Woman bites man on back after making anti-Asian remarks, dice la polizia

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The woman was riding Saturday evening on the "UN" train in Brooklyn when she was seated across from a family. She began cursing and saying anti-Asian statements, the New York Police Department told Fox News. As the v...

A woman who was shot in the Brooklyn subway mass shooting is suing gunmaker Glock for damages

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A woman who was shot in the Brooklyn subway shooting in April filed a lawsuit Tuesday against gunmaker Glock Inc. and its Austria-based parent firm, claiming the company is contributing to "creating and maintaining ...

NYPD ‘looking intoassault against Asian man at subway station captured on video

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An NYPD spokesperson told Fox News Digital that the Department is "consapevole" of recent videos circulating on social media that appear to show a group of men beating an Asian man at the Lower Manhattan subway station on ...

NYC subway shooting suspect charged with murder in ‘unprovoked’ Morte, uttered ‘no phonesbefore attack: poliziotti

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Andrew Abdullah was led into the NYPD's 5th Precinct in Chinatown on Tuesday afternoon to face charges in connection with the Sunday morning attack on a New York City Q-train, hanno detto i funzionari. He was flanked by severa...

New York City subway crime up 58% so far compared to 2021; Hunt for gunman in unprovoked shooting intensifies

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Il dipartimento di polizia di New York (NYPD) manhunt for the gunman behind the cold-blood murder of Daniel Enriquez, a 48-year-old Brooklyn man who was gunned down while sitting inside a Manhattan-bound Q-train on Sunday mo...

Family of NYC subway shooting victim: ‘I’m pleading that this not happen to another New Yorker

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In a Tuesday morning interview with Fox News' "Sala stampa americana," Vile fought through tears to talk about her brother and the city she calls home. "I’m only meeting with the press because I’m pleading that this not...

48-year-old man fatally shot on New York City subway train

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A 48-year-old man has died after being shot in the chest inside a train on the New York City subway on Sunday morning, the New York City Police Department told CNN. The victim was seated in the last car of a Manhatt...

Accused NYC subway shooter pleads not guilty to terrorism, gun charges

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Frank James, the man authorities say is behind the mass shooting inside a New York City subway that left dozens injured, pleaded not guilty Friday to the two charges he is facing. James, 62, is accused of setting of...

NYC men fall onto subway tracks after starting knifepoint fight

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Police say the fight happened around 9:45 p.m. a Maggio 4 at the Broadway Junction station, secondo FOX 5. Video released by police show a 52-year-old man walking past another man wearing a black Nike hoodie. He a...

Incriminato il presunto tiratore della metropolitana di Brooklyn Frank James

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Secondo l'atto d'accusa del distretto orientale di New York del tribunale distrettuale degli Stati Uniti, un gran giurì ha accusato James di aver compiuto un attacco terroristico contro un sistema di trasporto di massa e di aver sparato un incendio..

NYC subway shooting suspect gets DNA swab from FBI, defense sounds alarm

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"FBI agents entered his cell at MDC Brooklyn, questioned him, took multiple buccal swabs of his DNA, and directed him to sign certain documents," his federal defenders wrote to Judge Roanne Mann, referring to the Met...