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Physical inactivity could increase your risk of diseases such as dementia

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Not exercising enough could increase your risk of developing certain diseases by up to 8%, according to a new study. Little to no exercise increases your risk of getting noncommunicable diseases such as depression ...

There’s a reason why French bulldogs are such frequent targets for thieves

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The portly and petite French bulldog is an ideal canine companion: They don't bark much, prefer snuggles and indoor play to long walks or games of catch and retain their puppy-like stature all their lives. Their pop...

CDC issues warning about ‘Hispanic-style’ cheeses such as queso fresco due to listeria

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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is investigating a multi-state listeria outbreak linked to fresh and soft cheeses such as queso fresco, queso blanco and queso panela. According to the CDC, the Food a...

Why some dinosaurs had such long necks

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Sauropods were the largest animals to ever walk the Earth. These long-necked dinosaurs could grow the length of three school buses and were so heavy the ground must have shaken as they walked. This family of dinos...

Philadelphia is the latest city to reckon with past atrocities against Black people but experts say such gestures don’t break ground on actual reform

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Decades after 11 people were killed and dozens of homes were destroyed in Philadelphia when police deployed a bomb, the city has issued its first official apology. Tensions between police and MOVE, a Black liberatio...

There is (almost) no such thing as bad weather: How to dress warmly for winter fun

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Adventurer Eric Larsen has faced some of the harshest conditions on Earth. He has been to the South Pole and the North Pole, and he stood atop Mount Everest. Traveling by ski, dogsled and bicycle, he has crossed sno...

Why a Republican-led Senate might not be *such* a bad thing for Joe Biden

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Conventional wisdom suggests that the best-case scenario for President-elect Joe Biden is for Democrats to sweep the two Senate runoffs in Georgia in January, wins that would hand Democrats control of both sides of ...