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Family of Texas BLM protester killed by Army sergeant sues shooter, Uber

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Garrett Foster's family filed a lawsuit against Sgt. Daniel Perry, 35, on Wednesday in Travis County state District Court. The lawsuit states that Perry, who was stationed in Fort Hood at the time of the July 25, 20...

Indiana’s attorney general sues Black Lives Matter over its use of donations

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Indiana Attorney General Todd Rokita filed a lawsuit against activist group Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation (BLM) op Donderdag. The suit is Rokita's latest move in his investigation of the group's finance...

The Satanic Temple sues Pennsylvania school over after school club denial

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The Satanic Temple filed a lawsuit on constitutional grounds against Northern Elementary School in York, Pennsylvania, according to local ABC outlet KTUL. Mathew Kezhaya, the general counsel for The Satanic Temple, s ...

Trump-endorsed gubernatorial candidate sues state senator who accuses him of groping

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A Republican Nebraska gubernatorial candidate accused of inappropriate physical contact by eight women is suing a state senator who is one of the accusers. Charles Herbster filed the suit Friday against GOP state S...

Former Virginia administrator sues school board, alleging racial harassment

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Emily Mais was an assistant principal at Agnor-Hurt Elementary School until last September, when she claimed she was forced out of her job over accusations of harassment and racism. Mais was participating in a traini...

het die brandweer in 'n Augustus gesê $11.6 miljard Berkshire-uitkoop weens 'n gebrek aan openbaarmakings

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miljard Berkshire-uitkoop weens 'n gebrek aan openbaarmakings, miljard Berkshire-uitkoop weens 'n gebrek aan openbaarmakings, miljard Berkshire-uitkoop weens 'n gebrek aan openbaarmakings.

Michigan governor sues county prosecutors and asks state Supreme Court to protect abortion access

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Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer on Thursday filed a lawsuit against several county prosecutors in her state and asked the state's Supreme Court to issue a decision on the constitutionality of abortion. Whitmer filed ...

Miami Beach steakhouse sues city over ‘impermissibly overboard’ spring break curfew

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Die geding, from Papi Steak on First Street, describes the curfew as "arbitrary" en "impermissibly overboard" and is seeking an injunction against enforcement south of Fifth Street as well as costs. "The curfew is ...

Eerste op CNN: Justice Department sues Texas county, saying its redistricting plan discriminates against Black and Hispanic voters

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The Justice Department filed a federal lawsuit against Texas' Galveston County on Thursday, alleging the redistricting plan for its county government discriminates against Black and Hispanic voters. This marks the ...

Texas doctor sues after children’s hospital halts cross-sex hormones, ‘puberty blockers

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Lopez claims that UTSW Medical Center abruptly stopped providing the services to new patients in Nov. 2021, and she claims the new policy violates the university's non-discrimination policy, along with Texas law. CON...

Woman sues Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, saying he is her father

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Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is being sued by a woman who claims he is her biological father; Dallas County court documents show. The lawsuit itself has been sealed, but the motion to seal it provides some detai...

Mother of ‘Pawn Starscelebrity sues over ownership, bates

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The civil lawsuit was filed Thursday in Nevada state court by attorneys for Harrison’s mother, Joanne Harrison, the Las Vegas Review-Journal reported. It names Rick Harrison, the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop, business...

Roger Stone sues to block January 6 committee from getting his personal cell phone records

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Washington Longtime Donald Trump ally Roger Stone sued Thursday to keep his AT&T phone records from the House select committee investigating the January 6, 2021, aanval op die Amerikaanse Capitol. The records would includ...

Justice Department sues Missouri over Second Amendment bill, state AG fires back

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In a complaint filed Wednesday, the DOJ claims Missouri House Bill 85 is "invalid" under the Supremacy Clause, which prohibits state governments from passing laws that do not correspond with federal laws. CRUZ BACKS ...

Roger Goodell addresses ‘unacceptablelack of diversity in NFL head coaching ranks after Brian Flores sues

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The NFL commissioner underscored the league’s commitment to diversity but said the lack of racial equity in the coaching ranks was "onaanvaarbaar." As of the weekend, the Pittsburgh Steelers’ Mike Tomlin was the lone ...

Star witness in Ukraine impeachment saga sues Trump allies and alleges conspiracy to intimidate him

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Washington Retired Army Lt. Kol. Alexander Vindman, who served on the National Security Council and emerged as a star witness against then-President Donald Trump during the 2019 Ukraine impeachment, is suing Donald T...

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