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Dolphins use healing properties of coral, lo studio suggerisce

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Iscriviti alla newsletter scientifica di Wonder Theory della CNN. Esplora l'universo con notizie su scoperte affascinanti, progressi scientifici e altro. In the Red Sea off the coast of Egypt, bottlenose dolphins were spott...

Flight data suggests China Eastern plane deliberately crashed: WSJ report

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Hong Kong Black box data recovered from a China Eastern flight that crashed in March suggests someone in the cockpit intentionally downed the plane, the Wall Street Journal reported, citing a preliminary assessment f...

Associated Press suggests Elon Musk’s spats with critics contradict his fight for free speech on Twitter

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In a piece titled "Elon Musk, an erratic visionary, revels in contradiction," the AP claimed Musk's multi billion-dollar gambit to take over the social media giant shows he "thrives on contradiction." "Musk boasts th...

The Hill column suggests the way to fight inflation is to fight climate change

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"Largely ignored as an inflationary driver, tuttavia, has been climate change. Like the pandemic, climate change is a global problem manifesting itself in countless ways, many well-hidden. Unlike the pandemic, it will...

NBC’s Lester Holt suggests ‘free willis partly to blame for the 1 million COVID deaths

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"Today's soul-crushing milestone comes just as we begin to peek out from behind our masks lower our guard willing the pandemic to be over," Holt told viewers while showing COVID-era images, including caskets. "Ma th ...

Supreme Court abortion bombshell suggests a staggering change in American life

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A draft Supreme Court opinion suggesting the conservative majority may be about to outlaw the constitutional right to an abortion hit like a political lightning bolt Monday night. The draft opinion, obtained and au...

Brian Stelter suggests worrying about crime is part of a ‘Republican narrative

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GOP strategist Kristen Soltis Anderson joined Stelter to talk about "the disconnect between the press and the public." Stelter referenced the results of the New York Times focus groups, which Soltis Anderson helped c...

Musk buys Twitter, Bezos suggests China benefits; Soros-funded group helping plan Biden policy

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‘UNTRUSTWORTHY AND BRILLIANT’ - Americans in Washington, D.C., are split on whether Elon Musk's purchase of Twitter will help or hinder free speech. Continue reading … SOCIAL JUSTICE SILENCE - Companies that loudly s...

Explosions rock Moldova after Russia suggests it could be its next target in Europe

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At least two blasts this morning targeted radio antennas that broadcast Russian programs in Maiac, a town around seven miles from Moldova’s border with Ukraine, according to officials in the Trans-Dniester region. ...

Opinione: Praying coach case suggests conservative justices want to rewrite the law on religion and schools

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Jeffrey Toobin is chief legal analyst for CNN and the author of "The Nine" e "The Oath." Le opinioni espresse in questo commento sono le sue. Visualizza altre opinioni sulla CNN. Da adesso, it's well known that the Supreme Co...

Parts of the world are heading toward an insect apocalypse, lo studio suggerisce

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Extreme land use combined with warming temperatures are pushing insect ecosystems toward collapse in some parts of the world, scientists reported Wednesday. Lo studio, published in the journal Nature, identified for...

McCarthy blasts Biden for insufficient response to Ukraine invasion, suggests how he could have deterred Putin

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In the exclusive interview, the GOP leader blasted President Biden for acting "too slow" in Ucraina. "Had Biden sent, one weaponry earlier, può essere [Il presidente russo Vladimir] Putin would not have made the decision to...

gennaio 6 committee chair suggests panel doesn’t need Pence’s testimony

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gennaio 6 select committee Chairman Bennie Thompson told reporters Monday that he believes it will not be necessary for the panel to issue a subpoena to former Vice President Mike Pence and that the committee has be...

Sen democratico. Hassan suggests opposition to Biden dropping Title 42 border protocol

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"I am concerned that there is not a sufficient plan in place to address the steep increase in border crossings that could result from this reported decision," Hassan tweeted Wednesday. "This preemptive repeal threate...

WaPo columnist says Biden’s Putin ad-lib ‘wasn’t a gaffe,’ suggests White House cut Biden’s mic

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Columnist Eugene Robinson wrote that Biden was right when he uttered his unscripted remark that Putin "cannot remain in power," but noted that the president likely shouldn't have "implied that the United States seeks...

La donna visita Disney World ogni mese’

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L'editoriale di Forbes suggerisce che gli Oscar hanno dimostrato che "la rispettabilità non ha salvato e non ha salvato i neri". L'editoriale di Forbes suggerisce che gli Oscar hanno dimostrato che "la rispettabilità non ha salvato e non ha salvato i neri".