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Oxford shooting suspect Ethan Crumbley: Michigan school staff should have spotted ‘red flags,’ suit say

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The legal team representing a number of student victims in multiple lawsuits related to the late 2021 Oxford high school shooting have filed a new federal complaint against Oxford Community Schools and several staff ...

DOJ files suit against casino mogul Steve Wynn seeking order that he register as foreign agent of China

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The Justice Department has filed a civil lawsuit seeking a court order requiring that casino mogul Steve Wynn register under the Foreign Agents Registration Act. The complaint alleges that Wynn was working as an ag...

Florida mom filing suit after child transitioned at school without her consent: ‘Happening all over’ nosotros

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MASSACHUSETTS PARENTS SUE SCHOOL, SAY OFFICIALS ENCOURAGED CHILDREN TO USE NEW NAMES, PRONOUNS WITHOUT CONSENT Florida mom and mental health professional January Littlejohn and her attorney Vernadette Broyles discuss...

Orlando FreeFall victim’s parents, Ben Crump discuss wrongful death suit: ‘Profit over safety

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Tyre Sampson fell to his death from the Orlando FreeFall ride at ICON Park on March 24. The teenager had traveled from St. Luis, Misuri, to Orlando with a football program when the tragic event unfolded. Civil ri...

Jack Brewer demands Joy Reid apologize for ‘child abuseremark or he’ll file defamation suit

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"Joy Reid messed with the wrong boys," Brewer told Fox News Digital on Monday, adding that he has also retained legal counsel about a potential defamation suit. MSNBC'S JOY REID CALLS PHOTOS OF BLACK KIDS AT DESANTI...

Good will for Mayor Eric Adams fading as New Yorkers fear woke empty suit

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Pero 100 days into his administration that good will is diminishing, and New Yorkers are starting to fear they simply have another woke empty suit leading them. CRITICS SLAM ERIC ADAMS' FOR SAYING MASKING STILL REQUIR...

Alex Jones sat for deposition in Sandy Hook defamation suit, [object Window]

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Nueva York (CNN Business)Alex Jones was deposed over two days this week in the defamation suit brought against him by families of victims of the Sandy Hook shooting, according to a court filing from two attorneys repre...

Jussie Smollett’s lawyers fire back at Osundairo brothers’ defamation suit as judge rules it can go forward

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Tina Glandian made comments on NBC's "Hoy dia" show in March 2019, shortly after the Cook County State's Attorney announced it was dropping charges accusing Smollett of lying to police about the incident two months ear...

‘SNL’ Weekend Update tackles Russia-Ukraine rhetoricand Kamala’s brown suit

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Russian President Vladimir Putin threatened the West with the nuclear option as he invaded Ukraine in late February, saying any country that interfered would suffer "such consequences as you have never before experie...

American women players settle suit vs US Soccer for $24M

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HAGA CLIC AQUÍ PARA OBTENER MÁS COBERTURA DEPORTIVA . Los Estados Unidos. Soccer Federation and the women announced a deal Tuesday that will have players split $ 22 millón, about one-third of what they had sought in damages. The USSF also ag...

Judge rules DC AG can question former Trump Organization CFO in inaugural committee suit

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Washington Former Trump Organization Chief Financial Officer Allen Weisselberg will be questioned by lawyers from the Washington, corriente continua, attorney general's office, which has sued the company and former President Donald ...

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conocida como la noche más importante del año en la industria del cine: conocida como la noche más importante del año en la industria del cine’ conocida como la noche más importante del año en la industria del cine

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La saltadora de esquí japonesa Sara Takanashi ha emitido una emotiva disculpa después de haber sido descalificada por violar las normas de traje en Beijing. 2022. La saltadora de esquí japonesa Sara Takanashi ha emitido una emotiva disculpa después de haber sido descalificada por violar las normas de traje en Beijing..

Giants hire Black assistant GM a week after Brian Flores’ traje

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The Giants announced Monday that Brandon Brown will work with new general manager Joe Schoen, leading the player personnel department and helping other parts of the football operation. HAGA CLIC AQUÍ PARA VER MÁS CALA DEPORTIVA..

Biden showing ‘religious hostilitytoward SEALs at center of vax mandate suit: Attorney

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Michael Berry, an Afghan war veteran and general counsel for First Liberty Institute, dijo "La historia" in an exclusive interview that the written decision from the George W. Bush-appointed judge in the case was a pow...

Trevor Noah files suit against New York hospital claiming negligence

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Comedian and late night host Trevor Noah has filed a lawsuit against his doctor and a New York City hospital alleging that their negligence caused him to "sustain permanent, severe and grievous injuries," según ...

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