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Chet Hanks releases risqué ‘White Boy Summerteaser video

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If there's one thing Chet Hanks has mastered, it's the art of causing a stir. Weeks after courting controversy with his new "White Boy Summer" clothing brand, the son of Hollywood actor Tom Hanks has teased the fir...

Hollywood Bowl, Los Angeles summer staple, announces reopening plans

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The Hollywood Bowl is coming back. The famed Hollywood Bowl amphitheater in Los Angeles announced on Friday it will be reopening this summer, more than one year after it closed its gates due to the coronavirus pand...

Yosemite National Park will limit visitors this summer due to COVID-19

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Op Donderdag, park officials announced that Yosemite will be limiting the number of visitors by implementing a day-use reservation system. "The temporary day-use reservation system will allow the park to manage visita...

John Lewis’ posthumous graphic novel ‘Run: Book Oneto be released this summer

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Late civil rights leader Rep. John Lewis' posthumous graphic novel, "Run: Book One," is set to be released this summer, as the fight for voting rights intensifies in Lewis' own state of Georgia and efforts are under...

Judge allows Summer Zervosdefamation lawsuit against Trump to proceed now that he’s out of office

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A New York appeals court on Tuesday paved the way for a defamation lawsuit against former President Donald Trump to move forward. In a one-sentence order, the appeals court granted the request form Summer Zervos, a ...

Infrastructure timeline emerges as Biden aims to pass sweeping package this summer

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President Joe Biden is aiming to pass his sweeping infrastructure and jobs proposal this summer, a senior White House official told CNN, setting an ambitious timeline to achieve his next major legislative goal. Die...

New York will be packed with outdoor performances this spring and summer

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It all went away last spring -- the ballet, the philharmonic, standup comedy, concerts, our beloved Broadway. But thanks to the the Covid-19 vaccine rollout and warmer weather on the horizon, New Yorkers will be tr...

Will summer camp be safe in 2021? Hier is wat u moet weet

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The thought of summer camp in the not-too-distant future will likely bring smiles to many parents' faces. Na alles, splashing in a pool, getting messy with arts and crafts, and running around a soccer or baseball ...

USDA verleng kwytskeldings wat gratis etes aan studente bied deur die somer

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Die Amerikaanse departement van landbou het Dinsdag die belangrikste kwytskeldings uitgebrei wat dit vir kinders makliker maak om gedurende die somer gratis maaltye in hul gemeenskappe te bekom. Die kwytskeldings, wat tot September verleng is ...

Brandskade tydens 'n somerkamp wat Paul Newman vir siek kinders in Connecticut begin het

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Owerhede ondersoek 'n brand wat uitgebreek het in 'n somerkamp wat deur oorlede akteur Paul Newman vir ernstige siek kinders en hul gesinne ontstaan ​​het.. Connecticut-staatstroepe en die vuur & Ontploffing Inves ...

Boston-polisiebeampte met verlof nadat video's van lywekamera van die somerbetogings vrygestel is

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'N Sersant van die polisie in Boston is met administratiewe verlof geplaas en die Buro vir Professionele Standaarde van die departement is gelas om ondersoek in te stel na 'n reeks videokamera-video's wat tydens rasse-geregtigheid geneem is..

VS 'moes nie die deur gesluit het nie’ vir meer dosisse Pfizer Covid-entstof die afgelope somer, amptenaar sê

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Dit was 'n fout vir die Trump-administrasie om nie vroeër hierdie somer die deur oop te laat om meer Pfizer-entstofdosisse aan te skaf nie, het 'n beampte van die administrasie Maandag aan CNN gesê. The admission comes even as the Whit...

Don’t expect full sports stadiums until at least the end of the summer, Dr. Fauci sê

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Sports stadiums without restrictions on how many fans can attend will be one of "the last things that you're gonna see" in the pandemic, Dr. Anthony Fauci told Yahoo Sports on Monday. "We're gonna be vaccinating the...

A boiling summer is now a scorching fall in the West

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Scorching. Blistering. Burning. There are only so many ways to describe how hot it's been in the West this year. The desert Southwest is a hot place to live, but imagine spending over half of the year with high temp...

Organizers of packed Chainsmokers summer concert fined $20,000 by New York State

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The organizers of a summer concert featuring The Chainsmokers initially came under fire for welcoming a crowd that was too tightly packed amid restrictions meant to stop the spread of the coronavirus. Nou, New York ...

Northern Hemisphere endures its hottest summer on record

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If you thought it's been hotter than usual, you would be correct, because the Northern Hemisphere just had its hottest summer on record. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration reports that not only was ...

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