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Grilled salmon skewers for summer barbecues: Probeer die resep

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The recipe comes from Fulton Fish Market and is made with Faroe Islands Atlantic salmon. The fish itself hails from the cold waters of the Faroe Islands – an archipelago between Iceland and Norway – where fish are fa...

Sofia Vergara, 49, poses in leopard-print swimsuit on Instagram: ‘Getting ready for summer

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Vergara, 49, posed in a leopard-print Dolce & Gabbana swimsuit on Instagram over the weekend. "Finally the weekend!!" die "Moderne gesin" actress captioned a set of photos before adding the Spanish word for lovel...

USDA urges summer food safety precautions for outdoor cooking

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The federal agriculture department issued a reminder for people to wash their hands regularly, make use of a food thermometer and avoid cross-contamination. USDA researchers analyzed consumer behavior in test kitchen...

National parks prepare for millions to visit this summer; some now require reservations

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Millions visit Yosemite every year, and the demand to visit national parks has increased. It's created overcrowding, and visitations are reaching record numbers. Meer as 297 million visits were made to national par...

Watters: This is how the media will cover this hellacious summer

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JESSE WATTERS: Remember the summer of love? Dit was 2020. The scent of smoke grenades was in the air. Streets were filled with rioters. Mom and pop shops were looted and burned to the ground, all by left-wing lunatics...

Summer outlook: Most of US will see above-average temperatures as Western drought continues

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The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's forecast for summer calls for a whole lot of heat without much rain to provide relief. Nearly the entire contiguous US is expected to have above-normal temperat...

Refreshing citrus sangria cocktail from the Morgensterns for spring and summer: Probeer die resep

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Meeste van alles, they say it's "the human moments" that stood out — and still do. The couple's wedding is in June, with the book they've co-authored following closely on its heels. Among the book's offerings: delicious n...

Jesse Watters: Democrats will stoke ‘abortion rage’ hierdie somer

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JESSE WATTERS: The White House gave license to this [protests at Justices' homes]. Remember last week they didn’t really condemn it, and now you see it’s gone full-blown crazy. ek dink [Justice Samuel] Alito had to l...

Southern California businesses and residents are asked to reduce outdoor watering as drought leaves ‘half the water that we needfor summer

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Facing "drought conditions unlike anything we've experienced before," Southern California officials are demanding businesses and residents in parts of Los Angeles, Ventura and San Bernardino counties cut outdoor wat...

CNN panelist blasts Biden: Americans ‘have not had a sense of leadershipsince last summer

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CNN's latest poll puts Biden at a 39% goedkeuringsgradering, while recent Quinnipiac University polling revealed 33% of Americans approve of Biden's job performance compared to 54% who disapprove. "Binne die politiek" panelis...

‘Summer of Soulproducer says Will Smith and Chris Rock robbed the documentary of its moment

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Joseph Patel, one of the producers behind Oscar-winning documentary "Summer of Soul," has spoken out about the slapping incident for the first time, calling Will Smith's actions "selfish" and admonishing Chris Rock ...

'Speletjie van trone’ prequel ‘House of the Dragonwill premiere this summer

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Devotees of all things Westeros, our long night of pining after the new "Speletjie van trone" series is nearly over -- "House of the Dragon" is finally hatching this summer. The highly anticipated prequel to HBO's fant...

Sunrise Movement endorses progressive Democrats Summer Lee, Nida Allam and Erica Smith for Congress

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Washington, DC Sunrise Movement, the youth-led climate activist group, on Thursday announced its endorsements of Summer Lee in Pennsylvania's 12th Congressional district, Nida Allam in North Carolina's 4th Congressio...

Oklahoma farmer warns price hikes in grocery stores likely by summer

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BEN NEAL: We're going to hit on every front on every expense possible, from fertilizer to fuel to labor insurance, everything in between our packing supplies. So we operate a small farm in Oklahoma. One hundred perce...

‘Groovyelectric Buick coming this summer. Will it be the Electra?

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The mid-level luxury brand has confirmed the upcoming reveal of its first electric car. The announcement posted to its social media channels "We’re fans of all @GM EVs, but this summer we will show you our dreams of ...

Bad Bunny announces summer stadium tour

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Weeks away from kicking off his sold-out arena tour, "El Último Tour Del Mundo," Bad Bunny has already made plans for another marathon of concert dates, coming to stadiums across North America and Latin America. "B..

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