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Biden-Putin summit displaying media’s ‘blatant bias in broad daylight’: Joe dop

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JOE CONCHA: The difference in the coverage between the two U.S. summits between Trump and Putin is as different as the two countries themselves when you compare it to the coverage of Biden and Putin. And it's basical...

Biden to sign order to address ‘epidemicof missing, murdered Native Americans at White House summit

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President Joe Biden is expected to sign an executive order Monday directing federal agencies, including the departments of Justice, Interior and Homeland Security, to create a strategy addressing what the administra...

North Korea says hope is alive for peace summit with South Korea

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North Korea is willing to consider another summit with South Korea if mutual respect between the neighbors can be assured, state news agency KCNA said on Saturday, citing Kim Yo Jong, the sister of the North's leader...

Biden to announce US will aim to cut carbon emissions by as much as 52% deur 2030 at virtual climate summit

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President Joe Biden on Thursday will kick off a climate summit attended by 40 other world leaders by announcing an ambitious cut in greenhouse gas emissions as he looks to put the US back at the center of the global...

Dit lyk asof Biden weer die voorbereide lys van verslaggewers gebruik na die G20-beraad in Rome

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Dit lyk asof Biden 'n voorbereide lys van verslaggewers gebruik ná die G20-beraad in Rome: 'Daar word vir my gesê ons moet met AP begin' President Joe Biden het weereens verskyn om 'n vooraf-goedgekeurde lys van verslaggewers te beroep nadat hy met die p..

Don’t ever forget what happened at the Donald Trump-Vladimir Putin summit

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With Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin huddling Wednesday in Geneva it's worth remembering a similar summit between Putin and Donald Trump in 2018 -- one of the lowest points of a presidency absolutely stuffed with them....

Biden set to revive US-Mexico-Canada summit

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President Joe Biden plans to focus on migration, the Covid-19 pandemic and economic integration when he convenes a summit of North American leaders at the White House on Thursday. While the talks are not expected to...

Eksklusief: Biden stuur 12 kabinetslede, hoëvlak-amptenare na die VN-klimaatberaad

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President Joe Biden beplan 'n kragvertoning by volgende maand se deurslaggewende VN-klimaatberaad in Glasgow. Die president stuur 10 kabinetslede en senior administrasie amptenare, bykomend tot sy top koepels...

Hume: Masked-up Biden on international Zoom summit could send message he ‘doesn’t think vaccine works

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Biden was seen in the montage of 40 video slates that included French President Emmanuel Macron, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, en ander -- though was the only one whos...

Newt Gingrich ruk Biden-admin oor klimaatberaad: Almal glimlag, niks bereik nie

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BIDEN STUUR ARMY OF AIDES, KABINETLEDE NA GLASGOW KLIMAATBESPRAAK TE midde van GROOT PROBLEME TUIS NEWT GINGRICH: Die maklikste manier om op te som waar ons is, is 'dit werk nie.' Dit werk nie op inflasie nie. Dit is...

LEES: Biden and Putin issue joint statement following historic Geneva summit

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US President Joe Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin issued a joint statement following their historic summit on Wednesday. Read the statement below: "Ons, President of the United States of America Joseph R. B..

Biden ignores reporters at summit with Canada and Mexico after Psaki touts availability

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Earlier Thursday, it was unclear if Biden was aware that his staff had axed the traditional press conference with visiting world leaders. At a morning bill-signing event, Biden declined to answer a shouted question, ...

Die Australiese leier Scott Morrison sal die COP26-klimaatberaad bywoon

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Die Australiese premier Scott Morrison het Vrydag aangekondig dat hy later vandeesmaand na Glasgow sal reis vir die COP26-klimaatberaad, om 'n draai te merk vir die leier wat voorheen aangedui het dat hy dalk nie die ...

Biden and Putin summit expected to take place next month in Switzerland

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The first face-to-face meeting between President Joe Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin is expected to take place next month in Switzerland, two US officials told CNN, as the White House and the Kremlin move...

Chris Christie: Biden wat by klimaatsberaad aan die slaap raak, stuur verkeerde boodskap aan die wêreld

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BIDEN SLAP BLYKLIK TYDENS KLIMAATSPRAAK AAN DIE SLAP TEN WASTE OM DIT 'GROOTSTE BEDREIGING' VIR ONS SEKURITEIT IS CHRIS CHRISTIE: Wat u daar buite sien, is die voortgesette werk van die Biden-administrasie en hierdie president i ...

Trump rails against Biden’s ‘good day for Russiasummit with Putin, highlights Hunter’s alleged ties

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Trump told host Sean Hannity he is upset that Biden didn't score any wins during the summit, while in his view, Putin and Russia dominated the day. The former president highlighted the fact Biden stood by his decisio...

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