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Any opportunity to win some money on a Saturday night while watching Mike Trout slug a baseball all over Orange County also sounds like a great way to spend the weekend. On FS1’s marquee Saturday baseball game this w...

ACM Awards, sports and more: Play in $10,000 FOX Bet Super 6 Vasvravertoning

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Die FOX Bet Super 6 app is gratis om af te laai en die Quiz Show is gratis om te speel. Al wat spelers moet doen, is om ses meerkeusevrae korrek te beantwoord oor onderwerpe wat wissel van sport tot weer tot vermaak tot polis..

Tucker responds to Chelsea Clinton’s call for show’s censorship: We were asking ‘super obvious questions

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CARLSON: Internationally renowned humanitarian and intellectual Chelsea Clinton has had about enough of this show, so she called today for Facebook to shut us down. ... Dr. Chelsea Clinton is mad that we asked supe...

Panthers’ Sam Darnold wanted to ‘play 20 years and win Super Bowlswith Jets

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The Carolina Panthers’ newest signal-caller revealed during a press conference with reporters on Monday that he never thought he’d get traded even when it looked like the Jets might finish the season winless. PANTHE...

Christina Aguilera says she ‘hated being super skinny’: ‘I have a hard time looking at the early pictures’

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The 40-year-old, who is the May 2021 cover star of Health magazine, told the outlet how she initially felt "so insecure" about her body until she "started filling out a little bit." "I think we all have our good days...

FOX Bet Super 6 'Vasvravertoning': Vrae oor die meesters, NASCAR en meer vir kans om te wen $10,000

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Die FOX Bet Super 6 app is gratis om af te laai en die Quiz Show is gratis om te speel. Al wat spelers moet doen, is om ses meerkeusevrae korrek te beantwoord oor onderwerpe wat wissel van sport tot weer tot vermaak tot polis..

Shailene Woodley calls ‘Jeopardy!’ guest host Aaron Rodgers ‘super sexy’ in man bun

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The actress shared a video to her Instagram Stories on Monday, shouting out the current NFL MVP from the passenger seat of a car as he drives rocking a pair of aviator-style shades. "I have a very important announcem...

Super Saturday leaves Inter with one hand on Serie A trophy

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Easter Sunday will be extra special for Inter Milan this year as it follows what may well be remembered as the day they sealed their first Serie A title in 11 jare. Inter stretched their winning run to nine matches ...

Rare Super Mario Bros. game sells for a record $660,000

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After being forgotten in a desk drawer for almost 35 jare, a sealed copy of the Nintendo video game Super Mario Bros. sold at auction on Friday for a whopping $ 660,000. It's the most ever paid for a video game, a ...

Rachel Bilson was ‘super bummedthat Rami Malek made her take down a photo of them both from Instagram

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Rachel Bilson had what she thought was a cool throwback photo of her and Rami Malek, but according to her, Malek didn't think so. It turns out they went to high school together, and according to "The O.C." ster, wer...

Reigning Chinese Super League champion Jiangsu FC ‘ceases operations

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The owners of Jiangsu FC, the defending Chinese Super League (CSL) kampioen, announced on Sunday that the club would "cease operations" with immediate effect. Jiangsu FC -- formerly known as Jiangsu Suning -- hit th...

Winona Ryder says it felt ‘surrealplaying Timothée Chalamet’s mom in Super Bowl ad

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In case you missed it, Cadillac aired a Super Bowl commercial on Sunday that was a sequel to "Edward Scissorhands." Starring Timothée Chalamet as Edward's son, Edgar Scissorhands, and Winona Ryder reprising her rol...

Vir die eerste keer, women have won the Super Bowl as coaches

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Tampa Bay Buccaneers assistant defensive line coach Lori Locust and assistant strength and conditioning coach Maral Javadifar made history Sunday night, becoming the first women to win the Super Bowl as coaches. Add...

Here are the best Super Bowl commercials

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On Super Bowl Sunday, there's one thing that matters almost just as much as the football: the commercials. En hierdie jaar, they delivered. Though some popular brands were notably absent -- like Budweiser, which chos...

Biden laments lack of Black NFL coaches during Super Bowl halftime interview

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President Joe Biden lamented the lack of Black coaches in the NFL during a Super Bowl halftime interview Sunday evening, urging teams to emphasize diversity in their hiring process. "You've got to go out and look -...

Fan in pink one-piece runs on field during Super Bowl LV

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An unidentified fan ran onto the field at Super Bowl LV and interrupted the game right as it was winding down during its fourth quarter. The fan, who sported a pink one-piece bathing suit and black shorts, appeared ...

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