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‘Superman & Loisflies back to the Man of Steel’s ‘Smallvilleroots

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"Superman & Lois" was plucked from the ribs of the current crop of the CW's DC superhero dramas, but its strongest connection is to an earlier series, the long-running "Smallville." Adding a family/coming-of-age...

Super Baby! Parents of preemie use Superman toy to chart their son’s journey

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"Up, up and away!" That has been Logan Ray's life motto. A 4 Anni, he looks and acts like your average kid. He loves dinosaurs and "anything to do with water." But what Logan might not realize yet is that he ...

How professional wrestling perfectly explains Donald Trump’s ‘Superman’ acrobazia

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This paragraph, from The New York Times, might at first shock you: "In several phone calls last weekend from the presidential suite at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, Sig. Trump shared an idea he was co...