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Herschel Walker cancels fundraiser with supporter who had swastika-shaped image in Twitter profile

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Georgia Republican Senate candidate Herschel Walker has canceled a fundraiser hosted by a woman whose Twitter account featured a swastika-shaped image used to protest Covid-19 vaccine mandates. "The previously sched...

White Sox fan punched in face by Astros supporter

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A man in a Tim Anderson jersey appeared to be leaving his seat and received some loud boos from other Astros fans who were around him. The White Sox fan then got a drink poured on his head, and he pushed the person w...

Trump supporter ignoring judge’s order to remove anti-Biden signs from yard

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"It’s my First Amendment right, and I’m going to stick with that," Andrea Dick, a New Jersey Trump supporter, told the New York Times on Tuesday. NOEM SAYS SHE’S ‘COUNTING’ ON TRUMP RUNNING AGAIN IN 2024 Cazzo, 54, w ...

China could soon have an unlikely supporter in Central Asia — i talebani

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Hong KongEditor's note: La CNN ha lanciato la newsletter Intanto in Cina, un aggiornamento tre volte a settimana che esplora ciò che è necessario sapere sull'ascesa del paese e sull'impatto che ha sul mondo. Iscriviti qui. One is a go...

Phylicia Rashad, sostenitrice di Bill Cosby, chiamata da "Fresh Prince"’ la star Janet Hubert per un tweet celebrativo

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Di mercoledì, quando la condanna penale di Cosby è stata annullata ed è stato rilasciato dal carcere, Rashad è andato su Twitter per celebrare il suo ex "Cosby Show" la libertà del co-protagonista. Non passò molto tempo prima che attirò l'ira pubblica ...

Pelosi punts question on unborn babies, says she’s a ‘big supporter of Roe v. Guadare’

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"Let me just say that I am a big supporter of Roe v. Guadare. I am a mother of five children in six years. I think I have some standing on this issue as to respecting a woman's right to choose," Pelosi, D-Calif., said d...

Biden meeting Dems with Farrakhan ties the same day as funeral for officer killed by Farrakhan supporter

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Noah Green, who identified himself as a "Follower of Farrakhan" and likened Farrakhan to "Gesù" on his Facebook profile, rammed his car into two police officers near the Capitol’s North Barricade earlier this month,...

Alleged Boogaloo supporter arrested by the FBI on firearm charge

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Washington The FBI arrested a suspected supporter of the extremist Boogaloo movement in Maryland on Wednesday, dimostrano i documenti del tribunale. Frank William Robertson Perry was taken into custody by FBI agents and charged with b...