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gepraat oor hoekom skaats vir 'n ander land nie vir hom gaan gebeur nie: gepraat oor hoekom skaats vir 'n ander land nie vir hom gaan gebeur nie

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gepraat oor hoekom skaats vir 'n ander land nie vir hom gaan gebeur nie, gepraat oor hoekom skaats vir 'n ander land nie vir hom gaan gebeur nie. gepraat oor hoekom skaats vir 'n ander land nie vir hom gaan gebeur nie.

‘Anti-democraticSupreme Court makes ‘mockery of the public will,’ argues NY Times’ Ezra Klein

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"Dobbs Is Not the Only Reason to Question the Legitimacy of the Supreme Court," Klein's headline read.He argued that the court was no longer a nonpartisan institution and that justices craft their decisions to benefi...

'Alles is op die tafel': GOP’s Supreme Court push escalates Democratic debate over packing court

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The death of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg weeks before the presidential election has turned Democratic nightmares into a crushing reality. Impervious to cries of hypocrisy and pleas to adhere to a stand...

'Voltal’ ster Jodie Sweetin deur LAPD gestamp tydens protes teen uitspraak van die Hooggeregshof op LA-snelweg

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In 'n video vasgevang deur fotograaf Michael Ade, die 40-jarige aktrise het gelyk of sy op die grond gegooi is terwyl sy voor 'n "groep vreedsame betogers weg van die snelweg" terwyl sy bymekaargekom het met 'n aantal aktiewe ...

'Baanbrekend’ Hooggeregshofsaak kan op Facebook wag ná Trump-verbod: 'Woke Inc.’ skrywer

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TROEF VERBOD: REPUBLIKENE DREIG OM FACEBOOK TE VERBREUK NA DIE OORSIGRAADBESLUIT VIvek RAMASWAMY: Ek dink dat hierdie selfkritiek net 'n fineer was, dit is 'n rookskerm wat ontwerp is om hierdie lug van legitimiteit te skep...

‘Outrageous.New York leaders react to the US Supreme Court ruling on state gun law

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New York New York leaders are condemning the US Supreme Court's decision Thursday to knock down a century-old law that placed restrictions on carrying a concealed gun outside the home, met Gov. Kathy Hochul calling ...

‘Spesiale verslag’ on Supreme Court vaccine mandate hearing

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BAIER: Breaking tonight, just in the past few minutes, die VSA. Supreme Court just announced it will hear oral arguments in separate appeals over President Biden's vaccine mandates. This is for large businesses, 100 ...

‘Die Vyf’ on the Supreme Court, met Gala

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GREG GUTFELD, FOX NUUSGASheer: Hi, I'm Greg Gutfeld along with judge Jeanine Pirro, Jessica Tarlov, Joey Jones and she buys all her scarves from Vick the local spider, Dana Perino, "Die Vyf."So, did something happen? ...

'Die uitsig’ assails Supreme Court’s Thomas, Barrett as traitors to their race, geslag

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The daytime gabfest opened with a conversation about Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer’s looming retirement, which has put a spotlight on President Biden’s promise to nominate a Black woman if given the chance to ...

'Die uitsig’ criticizes Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch instead of addressing Whoopi Goldberg suspension

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Host Joy Behar noted shortly that Goldberg would be back in two weeks before delving into the discussion about Neil Gorsuch addressing the Federalist Society. Goldberg's suspension was announced Tuesday night by ABC ...

'Jou wêreld’ on next Supreme Court pick, Russia-Ukraine tensions

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SANDRA SMITH, FOX NUUSAnker: Live now at the Southern border in Texas. An ICE official coming forward and telling FOX those mass releases of migrants our own Bill Melugin has been capturing just scratch the surface...

'Jou wêreld’ on Supreme Court leak

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NEIL CAVUTO, FOX NUUSAnker: Jy weet, op hierdie punt, a lot of people don't know which is worse, learning that the Supreme Court is poised to strike down Roe v. Wade in just a draft opinion -- na alles, a draft opi...

‘Misguided’ Supreme Court made a historic ‘mistake’ with abortion, Politico editor writes

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"What happens when the Supreme Court gets it wrong?" asked Politico editor-at-large Peter Canellos. "Misguided court decisions have altered the path of the nation in sadly demonstrable ways. And the question arises a...

10 memorable moments from past Supreme Court nominations

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Supreme Court confirmation hearings were first televised, gavel-to-gavel, when Sandra Day O'Connor appeared before the Senate Judiciary Committee in 1981. The country's first woman justice, nominated by President R...

13 states have trigger laws automatically banning most or all abortions if Supreme Court overturns Roe v Wade

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The Supreme Court is expected to strike down Roe v. Wade, according to an unprecedented leak of a draft majority opinion written by Justice Samuel Alito in early February, which Politico published Monday evening. SUP...

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