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Hombre muere después de caerse mientras el metro navegaba sobre el tren J en el puente de Williamsburg

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Un hombre en la ciudad de Nueva York murió la madrugada del sábado mientras el metro navegaba en la parte superior del tren J en el puente de Williamsburg.. El hombre de 32 años perdió el equilibrio, cayó del tren a las vías, y fue golpeado por ...

Police say they shot and killed an armed man near where crowds had gathered for the US Open of Surfing event

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Police fatally shot an armed man at Huntington City Beach in Southern California Saturday afternoon, the Huntington Beach Police Department (HBPD) dicho. It happened as crowds were gathered for the U.S. Open of Surfi...

Native Hawaiians ‘reclaimsurfing with Moore’s Olympic gold

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Her mother — crowned the Honolulu Lei Queen in 2016 — had given her the flower hair clip before she left for Tokyo to remind the only Native Hawaiian Olympic surfer of where she came from. At this pinnacle point, Moo...

Olympic surfing hopeful Katherine Diaz, 22, killed by lightning while training

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A 22-year-old Olympic surfing hopeful from El Salvador has died while training for an upcoming qualifying competition, the country's National Institute for Sport (INDES) has confirmed. Katherine Diaz was in the wate...

Jonah Hill usa Instagram para hablar sobre la imagen corporal después de que Daily Mail publica imágenes de surf

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Jonah Hill se ha abierto sobre las inseguridades de la imagen corporal después de que el periódico Daily Mail publicara fotografías del actor surfeando en Malibú., California. Las fotografías recientes incluyen imágenes lado a lado de Hill ch ...

A surfer was attacked and killed by a shark in Hawaii, forcing the suspension of a surfing competition

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A surfer who was attacked by a shark in Hawaii on Tuesday has died, prompting the suspension a women's professional surfing competition in Honolua Bay. The unidentified victim passed away early Wednesday evening, O ...

Surfing world pays tribute to John Shimooka, who has died aged 51

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The world of surfing is mourning the death of John Shimooka at the age of 51. Shimooka, a former world tour surfer turned broadcaster, died in the early hours of Monday morning, according to Surfing NSW, for whom S...