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Germany puts anti-lockdown group under surveillance for possible extremist ties

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Berlin Germany's intelligence service is putting some anti-lockdown activists under surveillance because of concerns they are attempting to undermine the legitimacy of the federal state. The country's Federal Office ...

Man chucks bobcat after it attacks wife in driveway, surveillance footage shows

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A protective husband in North Carolina leapt into action to save his wife from a rabid bobcat in a wild, viral video. In home security footage that hit Twitter on Thursday, the day began like any other. Happy Wade of...

Marinero de la Marina de Maryland ingresa al negocio después de ser baleado, escalofriantes programas de video de vigilancia

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Las autoridades dijeron que Fantahun Girma Woldesenbet, 38, un ayudante médico del hospital de la marina, comenzó a disparar un rifle en un parque de oficinas antes de conducir 10 minutos de Fort Detrick, donde fue asesinado por personal. Momentos después del ...

Germany’s far-right AfD becomes first party to be put under government surveillance since Nazi era

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BerlinGermany's BfV domestic intelligence service has formally placed the far-right Alternative for Germany (AfD) under surveillance on suspicion of trying to undermine Germany's democratic constitution, a person bri...

Surveillance video shows 15-year-old beating mother to death in Texas, la policía dice

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A 15-year-old boy has been charged with murder after surveillance video captured him beating his mother to death in McKinney, Texas, police said in a news release Sunday. The boy's father called police to the home a...

Court overseeing national security surveillance finds FBI routinely doesn’t observe rules

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The top federal court that oversees national security surveillance found the FBI routinely failed to observe rules meant to protect the privacy of Americans while searching through emails that were gathered without ...

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