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Ten minste 65% Amerikaners sê swart Amerikaners sal onder Biden invloed kry, Pew Research-opname bevind

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'N Meerderheid Amerikaners in 'n nuwe opname glo swart mense, vroue, sowel as gay en lesbiese mense sal tydens Joe Biden se presidentskap invloed kry. Die administrasie het diversiteit en prioriteite reeds vooropgestel..

A third of Americans don’t see systemic racism as a barrier to good health, survey says

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A third of Americans don't see systemic racism as a barrier to good health even after communities of color have been hit the hardest by the Covid-19 pandemic, sê navorsers. The new findings of the ongoing nationa...

Americans have converted to mask culture, opname bevind

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Most Americans now accept the benefits of wearing masks and wearing them around others, a Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF) survey published Friday finds. As Covid-19 infections, hospitalizations and deaths surge nati...

Latino and Black Americans feel more hopeful and less angry about the state of country since the election, Pew survey finds

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Some Black and Latino Americans are breathing a sigh of relief in the days since the election, volgens 'n nuwe studie. As Covid-19 cases spiked and a racial reckoning exploded over the summer, more than half of Bl...

Minnesota Covid-19 survey halted after team members report racial slurs, state officials say

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A door-to-door Covid-19 survey in Minnesota has been halted after team members reported receiving racial and ethnic slurs in the city of Eitzen, according to state health officials, but the city denies the claims. "...

Video games help children improve literacy, communication and mental well-being, opname bevind

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Parents have long debated the impact of video games on children's minds. Nou, a new survey suggests that playing may actually improve their literacy, communication skills and overall mental well-being. National Lite...