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Byna 25% of coronavirus survivors sought care for new medical ailments, studie bevind

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Findings released from the national nonprofit Fair Health involved private health care claims data from 1,959,982 COVID-19 patients diagnosed with the virus from February to December 2020. The study excluded patients...

Survivors of Dr. Robert Anderson’s sexual abuse at the University of Michigan call for broader investigation

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Survivors of alleged sexual abuse at the hands of a former University of Michigan athletics' doctor called for an investigation by the state's attorney general at a news conference Wednesday into school employees wh...

‘It’s shameful.Massacre survivorslawyers demand Tulsa be the next city to pay reparations

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Two years after the Tulsa massacre left some 300 Black people dead and a once-booming neighborhood destroyed, another White mob attacked a Black enclave in Florida. Die voorval, known as the Rosewood massacre, wou...

Biden-administrasie ken toe $200 miljoen om oorlewendes van gesinsgeweld te ondersteun

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Die administrasie van Biden het Maandag aangekondig dat hy toeken $ 200 miljoen van die Amerikaanse reddingsplan om dienste te ondersteun vir oorlewendes van gesinsgeweld na 'n toename in gevalle tydens pandemiese toesluitings. ...

Newly unveiled ‘suicide by cop’ designation for congressional baseball shooting long opposed by survivors

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The issue came to light last week when Ohio Rep. Brad Wenstrup brought it up during a House Intelligence Committee hearing. He told Wray, who was not in charge of the FBI at the time of the attack, that the designati...

Indianapolis Colts ‘saddenedover FedEx shooting: ‘Victims and survivors are our friends and neighbors

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The team issued a statement Friday morning after a shooter opened fired inside the FedEx building around 11 nm. killing eight people and wounding several others before turning the gun on himself. COLTS’ DARIUS LEON...

Search for Gulf Coast’s capsized ship survivors curtailed by rough weather

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Marion Cuyler, who is engaged to the lift boat's crane operator, Chaz Morales, spoke to reporters Thursday outside a two-story fire station at Port Fourchon, a sprawling port where much of the industry that services ...

A third of Covid-19 survivors suffer ‘brain disease,’ study shows

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As many as one in three people infected with Covid-19 have longer term mental health or neurological symptoms, researchers reported Tuesday. They found 34% of Covid-19 survivors received a diagnosis for a neurologic...

Rescuers hunt for survivors after cyclone wreaks havoc in Indonesia

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Rescuers searched for dozens of people missing in remote islands of southeast Indonesia on Tuesday while expecting more casualties in the aftermath of a tropical cyclone that has killed at least 128. Helicopters were...

After deadly mass shootings, survivors and victimsfamilies are still grappling with how hate upended their lives

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Kyk "AFRAID: Fear in Communities of Color" by 9 nm. ET op Vrydag, Maart 26 -- a CNN Special Report hosted by Amara Walker, Ana Cabrera, Victor Blackwell and Anderson Cooper. A rod in Martha Juarez's left arm, die...

New Zealand’s Catholic Church apologizes to survivors of abuse

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Wellington, New ZealandNew Zealand's Catholic Church formally apologized on Friday to the survivors of abuse within the church and said its systems and culture must change. Cardinal John Dew, who is the Roman Catholi...

‘Ons is hier vir jou.’ Oorlewendes van twee skietvoorvalle in Colorado bied woorde van ondersteuning aan 'n man wat die Boulder-aanval oorleef het

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Brian Kruesi sê hy het by King Soopers uitgestap nadat hy in die Boulder inkopies gedoen het, Colorado, winkel toe hy die gewapende man gewaar wat buite skiet. Hy hardloop terug na binne, waarsku ander kopers en werknemers oor wat daar was ...

Loss of smell drives Covid-19 survivors to get creative in the kitchen

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Emergency physician Dr. Alex Yeats had just whipped up what seemed like an appetizing dinner option when his wife let him know she wasn't having anything to do with it. "It was black bean pasta with almonds and turm...

Survivors of school lockdowns say the Capitol trauma mirrors their daily reality

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Washington, DC Aalayah Eastmond was scrolling through Twitter this week when she saw a meme comparing lawmakers on lockdown at the Capitol to students during active-shooter drills in public schools. Eastmond survive...

Pakistan se mees bevolkte provinsie verbied maagdelikheidstoetse vir oorlewendes van verkragting in die uitspraak

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Maagdelikheidstoetse op oorlewendes van seksuele aanranding is verbied in die provinsie met die grootste bevolking in Pakistan, in 'n belangrike uitspraak wat die eerste in sy soort in die land is. Die hooggeregshof in Lahore in Punjab-provinsie op Maandag..

Search for landslide survivors continues days later in Norway

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Rescue teams in Norway are still hoping to find survivors more than five days after a deadly landslide hit the village of Ask, 30 kilometers (19 myl) north of the capital Oslo, according to the country's police. "...

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