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Biden blasted for suspending oil-drilling leases in Alaska: ‘Political football

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"More than anything, Alaska has a lot of potential new discoveries. There’s evidence we’re going to need these energy sources to meet global demand. … Anytime you create this uncertainty or delay, you potentially ris...

Biden administration formally ends ‘remain in Mexicopolicy after suspending it earlier this year

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The Biden administration formally ended the Trump-era policy of returning asylum seekers to Mexico until their court dates in the United States, according to a memo issued by Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Ma...

2 NFL teams are suspending in-person activities in first Covid-19 disruption of the season

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Three Tennessee Titans players have tested positive for Covid-19, forcing that NFL team and the Minnesota Vikings, who played the Titans on Sunday, to suspend in-person activities. The Titans tests came back Tuesday...