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Public school students being ‘abused’ by critical race theory education: Carol Swain

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"Whether we have children or not in the public schools, we need to stand up and fight for the children who are trapped and left behind," sy het gese. "They have rights too and right now they are being abused by their cu...

Dr. Carol Swain: NFL ‘capitulating to the most radical elements in our society

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NFL 2021 SEASON WILL INCLUDE BLACK NATIONAL ANTHEM, SOCIAL JUSTICE MESSAGES AGAIN: REPORT DR. SWAIN: I think it unnecessarily politicizes a game that traditionally has brought Americans together and it represents a c...

Carol Swain: Many colleges teach anti-Americanism, critical race theory while getting federal funds

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WAT IS KRITIEKE RASTEORIE? DR. CAROL SWAIN: I’m not surprised, because if you look at our colleges and universities, whether they are public or private, the overwhelming majority of administrators and faculty are...