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Times Square se llenó de cientos de personas que protestaban por el mandato de la vacuna COVID

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Se pudo ver a los manifestantes ondeando banderas y carteles el sábado y muchos de ellos gritando contra las vacunas obligatorias.. VACUNA COVID-19 OBLIGADA EN NUEVA YORK: AQUÍ ESTÁN DICIENDO LOS RESIDENTES El evento fue parte del ...

NYC’s Barclays Center swarmed by protesters supporting NetsKyrie Irving’s refusal to be vaccinated

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Protesters could be seen on social media swarming Brooklyn’s Barclays Center, where Irving’s Brooklyn Nets play their home games, chanting "Stand With Kyrie." Brooklyn Nets star Kyrie Irving has been critic...

NYC lightpole outside Fox News headquarters swarmed by bees

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The bees were seen gathering around the pole on 46th Street and the Avenue of the Americas, also known as 6th Avenue. Onlookers gather Tuesday to watch a large colony of bees gather around a light pole in ...

Philippines says illegal structures found on reefs near where Chinese boats swarmed

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Hong Kong The Philippine military said Thursday it has discovered illegally built structures on features in the Union Banks, a series of reefs in the South China Sea near where Manila says Chinese maritime militia bo...