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Mike Piazza’s video pitch for Larry Elder fails to sway California voters to oust Newsom in recall election

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Newsom managed to fend off challenges from Elder and a field of other Republicans to remain in office to complete his term. With Tuesday being decision day in the recall election, Piazza, 53, a former star with the N...

Ingraham doesn’t believe the left’s tactics will sway vaccine skeptics

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"A man who’s been collecting a fat, taxpayer-funded salary for almost half a century, shouldn't he be accustomed to getting pressed on important issues?" Ingraham asked. "In plaas daarvan, Fauci came across as rather arrogant...

The legal doctrine that could sway the election

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As emergency petitions concerning voting rights challenges have raced through the courts in the final weeks of the election, judges and justices have found themselves trying to explain a legal doctrine that was desi...