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House Democratic margin shrinks to 2 votes with swearing-in of Republican Julia Letlow

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Letlow will be joining the House in the seat originally won by her husband, Luke Letlow, who died in September from COVID-19 before he was supposed to be sworn in. Julia Letlow won a special election in March. DR. JU...

Louisiana holds elections to fill congressional seat formerly held by Biden official and replace Republican who died of Covid before swearing-in

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The first congressional elections of the 2022 midterm cycle are set for Saturday, when Louisiana voters go to the polls to fill a pair of vacancies in the state's House delegation. A Democratic battle is brewing i...

Para muchos padres, the swearing-in of Kamala Harris was an inspirational teaching moment for their kids

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The moment Kamala Harris took her oath of office on Wednesday to become the first female, first Black and first South Asian vice president was an inspirational teaching moment for parents and kids across the country...

A locked-down DC prepares for Biden’s swearing-in

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As the nation's capital locks down amid increased concerns of violence, the Trump White House is packing up. After four years and two impeachments, President Donald Trump is now making plans for his exit from the pr...

Congresswoman Marilyn Strickland wore traditional Korean clothing to her swearing-in to celebrate her mother’s heritage

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Representante demócrata. Marilyn Strickland of Washington state made history not once but twice on Sunday. She not only became the first African American to represent her state in Congress, but she also is one of the first K...

Inauguration committee says Biden’s scaled-down swearing-in will include ‘vigorous health and safety protocols

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President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris will take their oaths of office at the US Capitol in January during a significantly scaled-down inauguration ceremony that will implement "vigorous he...

Pence’s office says he did not attend swearing-in due to CDC guidelines

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Washington Vice President Mike Pence did not attend Monday night's White House swearing-in ceremony for Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett because he was adhering to US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention...

White House set to hold swearing-in ceremony for Amy Coney Barrett

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Washington Amy Coney Barrett is slated to be sworn in to the Supreme Court by Justice Clarence Thomas at the White House on Monday evening following her expected successful Senate confirmation vote, according to a se...