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Democrats are developing a replacement for cornerstone climate measure in sweeping economic package

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Sy. Tina Smith of Minnesota confirmed to CNN that Democrats are developing a replacement for the clean electricity program in their sweeping economic package. The program will likely be dropped from the bill after ...

Biden delivers sweeping remarks about human rights: ‘To deal with the past you must face the truth

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President Joe Biden delivered sweeping remarks Friday about human rights, zeroing in on ongoing human rights abuses around the world and underscoring the importance of truth in a time of disinformation. Biden spoke...

Kaliforniese goewerneur. Newsom signs sweeping police reform bill

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Surrounded by lawmakers and the family members of victims killed by police officers, Newsom signed four bills he touted would increase transparency. Tydens sy opmerkings, California Attorney General Rob Bonta said ther...

Business owner reacts to sweeping vaccine mandate: Biden is ‘not on the sideof small businesses

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"I don’t think they’re [the Biden admin] on the small business side—I think they’re on someone else’s side," said Sharpness, Ing. President Jerry Akers Monday on "Die Faulkner-fokus." His comments come on the heels o...

Biden tells lawmakers he’ll push for pathway to citizenship for millions in sweeping economic package

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President Joe Biden reiterated his support for a Democratic effort to include immigration policy in his multi-trillion anti-poverty package, assuring a group of lawmakers on Thursday that he would stand by them in t...

Amptenare van die Withuis begin Biden se omvattende sosiale veiligheidsnetplan vir bondgenote uitlê

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Amptenare van die Withuis het die inhoud begin uiteensit van president Joe Biden se omvattende plan om die sosiale veiligheidsnet vir sy bondgenote binne en buite die Kongres uit te brei terwyl hulle gereed maak om op Capitol Hill te trek..

Remember Biden’s radical, sweeping, transformative agenda? Well it’s pretty much stuck

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Dit is uit die Mei opgeneem 24 uitgawe van CNN se Intussen in Amerika, die daaglikse e-pos oor Amerikaanse politiek vir wêreldwye lesers. Klik hier om vorige uitgawes te lees en in te teken. Remember all the talk about Biden's rad...

They recovered from Covid, only to die of ‘black fungus.What we know about the disease sweeping India

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In early May, doctors in India began raising the alarm about a rise in mucormycosis -- a rare and potentially deadly infection also known as black fungus. Many of those being infected are coronavirus patients, or th...

Conservative groups mobilize against Democratssweeping election bill, targeting moderate senators

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"Yesterday's markup in the Senate Rules gave the American people an inflection point in this debate around election integrity laws," Jessica Anderson, the executive director of the conservative Heritage Action, gesê ...

Biden hits the road to sell sweeping economic proposals after prime-time speech

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President Joe Biden hit the road on Thursday, traveling to Georgia to promote his sweeping economic proposals the day after making the case for the massive new government programs in his first address to a joint ses...

Manchin: Passing sweeping Democratic election bill ‘on a partisan linecould spur ‘anarchy

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Manchin, a key swing vote in the Senate, pushed back on calls to reform or abolish the filibuster to bypass Republican opposition to House Resolution 1, the Democrat-backed bill known as the "For The People Act." Die...

Demokrate, after slamming Trump for upending ‘norms,’ now eyeing sweeping changes of their own

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Sy. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., in September described then-President Trump as "a pathological liar, who has strong authoritarian tendencies, who neither understands nor respects our constitution, and who is prepared to ...

Infrastructure timeline emerges as Biden aims to pass sweeping package this summer

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President Joe Biden is aiming to pass his sweeping infrastructure and jobs proposal this summer, a senior White House official told CNN, setting an ambitious timeline to achieve his next major legislative goal. Die...

Michigan Republicans push for sweeping voting restrictions with new election bills

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Michigan Republicans on Wednesday introduced a package of election bills that would bring a raft of voting restrictions to the state, the latest example of GOP lawmakers working to change election laws in a battlegr...

Democratic congressman to introduce sweeping child abuse prevention bill Monday

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Demokratiese Rep. Bobby Scott of Virginia will introduce a child abuse prevention bill in the House on Monday, his office told CNN, setting up deliberations for a considerable child welfare investment as experts warn ...

Biden to propose sweeping immigration bill on first day in office

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President-elect Joe Biden will unveil a comprehensive immigration plan on his first day in office, a source familiar with the proposal tells CNN, describing an agenda that provides a multi-year pathway to citizenshi...

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