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'N Swembad wat gedreineer is, wys hoe rassisme wit mense benadeel, ook

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If you're a White person who thinks racism only hurts people of color, die verhaal agter 'n leë, verlate swembad in Missouri kan dalk net van plan verander. Die Fairground Park-swembad in St.. Louis was the larges...

Swimming: Ikee books Olympic qualifiers spot after leukaemia treatment

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Japanese swimmer Rikako Ikee will compete in Olympic qualifiers in April after clinching a podium finish in her first 100 metres butterfly event since being treated for leukaemia. Ikee, who was diagnosed in February ...

Olympic swimming medalist charged with running alleged Australia drugs syndicate

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Former Australian swimming star Scott Miller was arrested on drugs charges in a dawn raid at his home Tuesday, with Sydney police alleging the Olympic medalist heads a gang supplying methamphetamine across New South...