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Amid high gas prices, Pete Buttigieg slammed for telling Americans to switch to electric cars

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During the short clip, which was taken from a Thursday interview between the government official and radio show BigBoyTV, Buttigieg discussed how the U.S. government is looking to cut the cost of electric vehicles so...

FAA grounds pilots involved in failed pilot switch stunt

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The Federal Aviation Administration has issued emergency orders grounding both pilots involved in last month's botched and "unauthorized" Red Bull plane swap stunt. New documents shared first with CNN show the FAA h...

Biden flips the switch on Trump’s incandescent light bulb plan

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In yet another rollback of a Trump-era policy, President Joe Biden's Department of Energy on Tuesday finalized a new efficiency rules to phase out older, high-energy incandescent light bulbs. The new rules state tha...

Gowdy: Biden moet 'partytjies verwissel'’ om te sien wat 'nonstop negatiewe pers’ lyk regtig

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Die Fox News-gasheer het Sondag die Withuis ingeskeur omdat hy nuusorganisasies gesmeek het om Biden meer te gee "gunstig" persdekking aangesien sy mislukkings rondom inflasie en gaspryse steeds oorheers ...

Alabama GOP Senate candidate Lynda Blanchard to switch races and run for governor

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Republican Lynda Blanchard plans to end her Alabama US Senate bid and instead run for governor, volgens drie mense wat vertroud is met die saak. She is expected to announce her campaign against GOP Gov. Kay Ivey ...

Sy. Mike Lee: I encourage Sen. Joe Manchin to switch parties

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Aan "Sunday Night in America," host Trey Gowdy brought up recent rumors about Manchin switching parties to become an independent in light of conflict with his fellow Democrats. Verlede week, Manchin denied those rumors b...

Tommy DeBarge of R&B group Switch dead at 64

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DeBarge's sister Etterline "Hasie" DeBarge shared the news on Facebook on Thursday, sharing a video featuring a still image of her brother playing guitar. "Tommy has gained his wings," sy het geskryf. The singer also shar...

Meghan Markle couldn’t ‘switch off that American dream,’ viscountess alleges: ‘Your duty is to the queen’

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The 47-year-old Illinois native moved to the U.K. 16 years ago when she said "Ek doen" to Luke Timothy Charles Montagu, Viscount Hinchingbrooke, the son of the 11th Earl of Sandwich. She currently helps her husband run ...

Tim Tebow se oorskakeling na vaskop met Jaguars 'n desperate skuif,’ ESPN-ster sê

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Tebow was lank nie van plan om van posisie te verander nie. Hy het 'n uitspeelwedstryd gewen as 'n quarter, maar kon nooit weer 'n voorgereg in 'n quarterback in die NFL word nie.. Hy het vir die Denver Broncos en New gespeel..

UEFA has issues with CL switch to London, Porto a backup

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Die Mei 29 showpiece between Chelsea and Manchester City is set to be moved from Istanbul after Turkey was added to England’s "red list" of countries with severe coronavirus outbreaks, presenting challenges for fans ...

McCarthy slams Biden’s first 100 days as ‘bait and switchafter promises of bipartisanship

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"If I look at the 100 dae, it's more like a bait and switch," McCarthy told "Fox News Sondag" anchor Chris Wallace. "The bait was he was going to govern as bipartisan but the switch is he's governed as a socialist."...

NYC sees some disillusioned Dems switch to Republican Party

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Dalton Blaine voted for Hillary Clinton in 2016 but flipped in last November because he felt liberal policies were threatening to destroy the city. "Just the deterioration of everything. Of small businesses. Of not r...

‘Tragicto see Biden admin ‘flip switchand reverse Trump policies at border: Mike Pompeo

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BIDEN ADMIN ASKS FOR GOVERNMENT VOLUNTEERS AT THE BORDER AMID CRISIS MIKE POMPEO: I always find it interesting when they talk about the fact that we did America alone, when in fact the deal that we struck to secure o...

Verslaggewer se notaboek: Amy Kellogg flips the switch on Florence’s streetlights

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"We want to turn them on in the exact moment when one feels the need for artificial light," explains Matteo Casanovi, president of Silfi, the company that runs Florence's lighting systems. "And we can also save a few...