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Meet the American who invented the hard hat, a proud symbol of our nation’s working class

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The people who still build it today. Tip your safety cap to Edward W. Bullard (1893-1963), 'n Amerikaanse. Army veteran who crafted the world's most important piece of industrial protective equipment after returning from the ...

NY man cycling across America hits SC, reveals the one religious symbol he’s seen nationwide

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NEW YORK MAN BICYCLING TO ALL 50 STATES MEETS LONG-LOST HALF-SISTER IN LOUISIANA: ‘CAN’T MAKE THIS STUFF UP’ Bob Barnes, 52, of Syracuse, New York, told Fox News Digital about his realization after he recently visite...

NYPD hunt for suspect who scrawled white supremacy symbol on parking garage

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"The New York City Police Department is asking for the public's assistance in identifying the individual … in connection to an aggravated harassment incident," the NYPD said in a statement to Fox News Digital. VANDA...

Gymnast Ivan Kuliak defends wearing ‘Zsymbol in support of Russian invaders on podium after event

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Kuliak told Russia Today, the state-run media operation also known as RT, he would wear the symbol again if given the chance. KLIK HIER VIR MEER SPORTDEKKING . Service members of pro-Russian troops in ...

Russian pro-war ‘Z’ symbol: wat om te weet

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The matter made headlines Sunday after Russian gymnast Ivan Kuliak was seen sporting a "Z" on his chest while competing at Apparatus World Cup in Doha, Qatar alongside Ukrainians. The sign Z and worlds re...

Russian tanks emblazoned with ‘Zwere first spotted on Ukraine’s border. Here’s how the letter became a pro-war symbol

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In late February, days before Russian forces launched an all-out invasion of Ukraine, videos and photos began circulating on social media showing tanks, communications trucks and rocket launchers emblazoned with the...

Russian gymnast Ivan Kuliak criticized for ‘shocking behaviorafter wearing ‘Zsymbol next to Ukrainian athlete

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The International Gymnastics Federation (FIG) has criticized the "shocking behavior" of Russian athlete Ivan Kuliak at a gymnastics World Cup event in Doha, Katar. The FIG did not give details about the behavior the...

Former child star Ann Jillian on becoming an ‘80s sex symbol, fighting cancer at 35: ‘I jumped right in’

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The actress got her start as a child star whose stage name was given to her by Walt Disney himself before starring in 1961’s "Babes in Toyland." Just a year later, she appeared in 1962’s "Gypsy" alongside Natalie Woo...

A rock that students call a symbol of racism has been removed from University of Wisconsin

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The University of Wisconsin removed a 42-ton boulder from its Madison campus Friday after complaints from students of color who called the rock a symbol of racism. Chamberlin Rock, which had sat on Observatory Point...

Wedloop Imboden: Wat beteken die swart X -simbool van die Amerikaanse Olimpiese skermer op sy hand

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Die Amerikaanse Olimpiese skerwer en bronsmedaljewenner, Race Imboden, sê hy het 'n swart X -simbool op sy hand gedra toe hy hom op die podium voordoen "demonstrasie." Imboden en sy spanmaats het die bronsmedalje -wedstryd in die mansfoelie gewen..

Mural in soccer star’s hometown becomes anti-racism symbol

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After Marcus Rashford and two other Black players missed penalty kicks in the final moments of the national soccer team's European Championship loss to Italy, bigots defaced a mural of the Manchester United star and ...

Cubans protesting communism with American flag because it’s a symbol of freedom: Rep. Gimenez

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REPUBLICANS SPOTLIGHT CUBA AS SOCIALISM FAILURE AS PROTESTS ERUPT AMID HISTORIC ECONOMIC CRISIS REP. CARLOS GIMENEZ: The people of Cuba want their freedom. They want freedom to speak freely. They want freedom of the ...

NJ House candidate, Air Force vet, shoots down BLM Utah calling US flag ‘symbol of hate

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"The fact of the matter is that Black people are Americans, and Black history is American history," Republican House candidate Billy Prempeh told Fox News Friday. "And the flag is absolutely a part of our history. Th ...

Disgraced Avenatti a symbol of the biased anti-Trump media era: Ari Fleischer

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CBS CORRESPONDENT ADMITS 'MAYBE WE WENT ABOUT COVERING' MICHAEL AVENATTI 'THE WRONG WAY' ARI FLEISCHER: ek dink, eerlik gesê, he is a symbol of the anti-Trump era. And how many times did the mainstream media try to get D...

Macy Gray doubles down on criticism of the U.S. vlag, notes Jan. 6 rioters ‘held it as their symbol

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The Grammy-winning singer recently went viral after penning an op-ed for MarketWatch on Juneteenth in which she called for the flag to receive an update to better reflect America’s past, alleging that it has "replace...

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