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Hailey Bieber, Justin Bieber return from Bahamas vacation following singer’s Ramsay Hunt Syndrome diagnosis

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The couple spent time on a Bahamas beach vacation. Hailey and Justin were photographed arriving back to Los Angeles together on Saturday. Hailey recently gave an update on Justin's health while promoting her skincare...

Roe v. Wade overturned: CNN pundit cites relatives with Down syndrome, autism to defend abortions

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During CNN's coverage of the historic ruling, Navarro appeared in a panel discussion where anchor Alisyn Camerota challenged GOP strategist Alice Stewart, who pointed to pregnancy centers and adoption agencies in the...

Biden administration preparing to compensate some ‘Havana syndromevictims up to $200,000

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Some victims of the mysterious "Havana syndrome" are expected to be paid between $ 100,000 en $ 200,000 from the US government -- based on the extent of their injuries and which department they work for -- akkoord ...

Justin Bieber updates fans following Ramsay Hunt syndrome diagnosis: ‘Each day has gotten better

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"Wanted to share a little bit of how I’ve been feelin," hy het geskryf. "Each day has gotten better and through all of the discomfort I have found comfort in the one who designed me and knows me. "I’m reminded he knows all...

Hailey Bieber supports husband Justin amid Ramsay Hunt Syndrome diagnosis

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Hailey took to Instagram on Friday and reposted Justin’s video of him explaining to his fans that he’s been diagnosed with Ramsay Hunt syndrome, which has paralyzed the right side of his face. "I love u baby," die 25...

What is Ramsay Hunt syndrome, the virus attacking Justin Bieber’s face?

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Pop star Justin Bieber announced his face is partially paralyzed by a viral condition called Ramsay Hunt syndrome, caused by the same virus, varicella-zoster, that causes chicken pox and shingles. He told fans in a ...

Justin Bieber reveals facial paralysis, says he’s been diagnosed with Ramsay Hunt Syndrome

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Bieber, 28, shared a video to Instagram on Friday showing fans that the right side of his face has been paralyzed. The virus has attacked the nerve in the singer's ear and face, according to Bieber. Die "Peaches" si...

Justin Bieber says he has facial paralysis due to Ramsay Hunt syndrome

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Justin Bieber announced Friday that he is taking a break from performing because he is suffering from paralysis on one side of his face. In a video posted on his verified Instagram account, the singer explained tha...

Hallmark to debut romance with lead character who has Down Syndrome

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Hallmark Movies & Mysteries is reportedly diversifying its content. Volgens "Vermaak vanaand," the cable channel is set to feature a romance with a lead who has Down Syndrome. "Never Have I Ever" act...

World Down Syndrome Day: How ‘eye-catchingsocks became a tradition

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Sedert 2013, the tradition has been practiced on March 21 to show support for people with Down syndrome and spark conversation with people who don’t know about the awareness day. How did socks become a World Down Synd...

Molly Seidel: How distance runner overcame ‘imposter syndromeand ‘blew all expectationsin the marathon

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Mastering the art of marathon running is a lifetime pursuit for some, but it seemed to take Molly Seidel roughly two-and-a-half hours on one windswept morning in Atlanta a couple of fyears ago. That was during the ...

Rare multisystem inflammatory syndrome appears in some teenagers after COVID-19 vaccination: studeer

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The report noted MIS-C is a rare condition that can happen two to six weeks after COVID-19 infection with patients complaining of fever and showing signs and symptoms of multi-organ involvement with systemic inflamma...

Afghaanse vroue reageer op die Taliban wat meisies weer in die skool toelaat, aangesien vrese vir hul veiligheid voortduur. Afghaanse vroue reageer op die Taliban wat meisies weer in die skool toelaat, aangesien vrese vir hul veiligheid voortduur

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Die president van Noord-Masedonië het 'n 11-jarige meisie met Down-sindroom skool toe gestap nadat hy gehoor het sy word geboelie. Die president van Noord-Masedonië het 'n 11-jarige meisie met Down-sindroom skool toe gestap nadat hy gehoor het sy word geboelie ...

‘Long COVIDpatients leave ‘antibody signature’ that may help predict syndrome, studie sê

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"We want to be able to recognize and identify, as early as possible, who is at risk of developing long COVID," het dr. Onur Boyman, a co-author of the study and researcher in the department of immunology at Universi...

Cuba calls on Biden to restaff embassies, normalize relations following CIA ‘Havana Syndrome’ verslag doen

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Havana, Cuba A high-ranking official in Cuba's foreign ministry is calling for the Biden administration to restore relations with the island in light of a recent CIA report that found most "Havana syndrome" cases wer...

Jenna Jameson het nie Guillain-Barré-sindroom nie, bly in die hospitaal

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Die model en voormalige pornoster, 47, het verlede week onthul dat sy in die hospitaal opgeneem is en met Guillain-Barré-sindroom gediagnoseer is. Egter, haar maat, Lior Bitton, het 'n opdatering op die ster se Instagram-bladsy op Mond geplaas..

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