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‘Hemingwaytackles the writer in a documentary as big as his tumultuous life

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The long history of Ken Burns documentaries ranges from places to people to entire wars. His latest collaboration with Lynn Novick, "Hemingway," falls in that middle category, portraying Ernest Hemingway's war-spann...

‘Safetytackles the old-fashioned sports movie on Disney+

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Anyone who has watched a lot of sports movies can practically read the formations, with football serving as its own overpopulated subgenre. "Safety" doesn't deviate from that game plan, but this fact-based Disney+ m...

'Die kroon’ tackles the Princess Diana and Margaret Thatcher years

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The fourth season of "Die kroon" is dominated by two women, and neither is the Queen. The stately Netflix drama rather pivots to the tragic tale of Princess Diana and the ascent of prime minister Margaret Thatcher, ...