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民主党’ 2022 midterm election scare tactics: this desperate move won’t save them

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President Joe Biden’s approval rating is collapsing. Vice President Kamala Harris’ ratings are even worse. The top three Democrat House leaders are so old their collective age would reach back to 1777 (before the U.S...

Right-wing group targets New York Times reporters who have aggressively reported on its spy tactics

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ニューヨーク (CNNビジネス)今週はじめ, the right-wing organization Project Veritas released two undercover videos capturing Matthew Rosenberg, a Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter for The New York Times, making a num...

Bongino questions Putin’s military tactics, ‘asinineobjectives

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とボンジーノ: Everyone has an opinion on this horrific Russian invasion of Ukraine. We're approaching the two-week mark of fighting, but despite all the press conferences, the tweets, the official statements, the deba...

グレン・グリーンウォルド: If liberals force Spotify to dump Joe Rogan, nobody is safe from ‘petty-tyrant tactics’

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If the left can force Spotify to abandon podcast star Joe Rogan than nobody is safe from "their petty-tyrant tactics," he argued in a new Substack. "American liberals are obsessed with finding ways to silence and cen...

Federal judge allows state investigations of WinRed’s fundraising tactics to proceed

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A federal judge on Wednesday dismissed a lawsuit brought by WinRed that had attempted to block attorneys general in four states from investigating its fundraising practices. WinRed, which processes political donatio...

Democrats embrace hardball judicial nomination tactics GOP adopted under Trump

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Former President Donald Trump and Republicans broke with previous Senate tradition to confirm 17 federal appeals court nominees over the objection of Democratic senators representing the states tied to their seats o...

アリゾナAGはバイデ​​ン管理者の「不器用」を非難します, ハムフィスト’ 国境危機に関する気晴らしの戦術

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BIDEN CBP NOMINEE CHRIS MAGNUSは、確認投票マーク・ブノビッチの前にツイッターアカウントを削除します: 現実には、バイデン政権は私たちの国境で大惨事を引き起こし、今彼らは実行しようとしています。.

マオイスト中国を生き残ったバージニアのお母さんはDOJを言います, 教育委員会は「共産主義の戦術」を使用します

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"私が中国にいたとき, 私は全学年を中国文化大革命で過ごしました, だから私はとても, 人々を分割する方法の共産主義の戦術に非常に精通している, 彼らが中国の伝統文化をどのようにキャンセルしたか。.


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上院で大きな法案を可決することへの民主党の希望は、ウェストバージニア州のジョーマンチンとアリゾナ州のキルステンシネマに依存しています. 彼らは穏健派であるため、どちらも上院民主党にとって物事を困難にしています。.

ブロンコス’ Dre’Mont Jonesは、UrbanMeyerの指導戦術に光を当てます

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デンバーブロンコスのディフェンシブエンドであるドレモンジョーンズは、オハイオ州立大学のマイヤーでプレーし、大学フットボールの全国チャンピオンのヘッドコーチの能力についての洞察を提供しました。. ジョーンズは木曜日にマイヤーがチャする必要があると記者団に語った。.

担当者. マディソン・コーソーンがライブラリを叩きます’ 「沼地のバックドア戦術’ ノースカロライナ州の教育委員会へのサプライズスピーチ

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コーソーン, 郡で生まれた人, パブリックコメントの部分で他の市民と同じように話しました–そして彼は理事会メンバーに彼らがそうするだろうと言うことから始めました "適合する" ワシントンで, D.C. "それはユーモアですが...

Ingraham doesn’t believe the left’s tactics will sway vaccine skeptics

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"A man who’s been collecting a fat, taxpayer-funded salary for almost half a century, shouldn't he be accustomed to getting pressed on important issues?" イングラハムは尋ねた. "代わりに, Fauci came across as rather arrogant...

The irony in Texas Democrats‘cut and run’ 戦術

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The answer was U.S. senators en route to a vote. "見て!" shrieked a teenage tourist wandering by, spotting a TV crew kit sprawled on the ground. "NBCニュース!" "Is this the front or the back of the Capitol?" inquired o...

MSNBC’s McCaskill says ‘painfultruth out loud: Fleeing Texas Democrats used GOP-like filibuster tactics

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The current MSNBC analyst deviated from the network's fawning coverage of the Texas walkout late Monday, acknowledging that her perception of the Democrats' ‘hide and seek’ strategy may be "painful" for far-left view...

Four states investigate the online fundraising tactics of both political parties

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Four state attorneys general are examining the fundraising practices of the main online platforms used by the Republican and Democratic parties. The inquiries by the attorneys general of New York, コネチカット, Maryl...

ローラ・イングラム: Left’s indoctrination tactics have parental rights, Judeo-Christian values under siege

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"Forces are working overtime to undermine parental rights and their Judeo-Christian values," Ingraham claimed during the show's monologue segment. "It’s often said that the children are our future, and of course that...

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