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Afghan women’s soccer team escapes Taliban control, thanks to some powerful teammates

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Former Afghan women’s soccer captain Khalida Popal was a key "jugador" in getting the girls and others out. "Some of their family members were killed or taken by the Taliban," Popal said. "So the danger and distr...

De la muerte de mi papá en Afganistán 20 hace años que los talibanes retomaran el país. Cómo llegamos aquí?

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Mi padre fue uno de los primeros oficiales de inteligencia enviados a Afganistán después de 9/11. Su muerte sería noticia mundial en menos de 24 horas. Fotos de mi padre y fotos de mi madre de luto abrazándome estarían en vísperas..

Las mujeres prohibidas en los dramas de televisión afganos bajo las nuevas reglas de los medios de comunicación de los talibanes

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Aceptación, Afghanistan Women will be barred from appearing in television dramas in Afghanistan under the Taliban's new media restrictions, in the latest rollback of women's freedoms since the militant group seized power...

Los Premios Fox Nation Patriot rinden homenaje al veterinario que dirigió una misión secreta para salvar a los afganos de la amenaza de los talibanes

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Mientras el país se hundía en el caos, El ex boina verde Scott Mann dirigió una misión secreta en las primeras horas de la noche para colarse al menos 500 gente, incluyendo mujeres y niños, en la zona segura en Afganistán. "...

Taliban hold military parade with US-made weapons in Kabul in show of strength

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KabulTaliban forces held a military parade in Kabul on Sunday using captured American-made armored vehicles and Russian helicopters in a display that showed their ongoing transformation from an insurgent force to a r...

Pakistan government and local Taliban agree to ‘complete ceasefire

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The Pakistani government and the armed militant group the Pakistani Taliban have agreed to a one-month ceasefire while negotiations get underway to end years of bloodshed. Pakistan's Information Minister Fawad Chau...

Afghanistan’s Taliban under threat from internal terrorist organization ISIS-K

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"They can create some real trouble for the Taliban," the Heritage Institute’s Jim Carafano told us. Like a brazen attack in Taliban-controlled Kabul this week. A suicide bomber targeted a military hospital. Gunmen s...

Hombres que dicen ser talibanes fusilados 3 muerto en una boda afgana por tocar música

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Los hombres se identificaron como talibanes, pero el portavoz de los talibanes, Zabihullah Mujahid, negó cualquier conexión con ellos.. Un tercer pistolero aún no ha sido detenido. El portavoz de los talibanes, Zabihullah Mujahid, habla durante ....

Taliban wins backing for aid at Moscow talks, with regional powers saying US and allies should pay

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Afghanistan's new Taliban rulers won backing from 10 regional powers at talks in Moscow on Wednesday for the idea of a United Nations donor conference to help the country stave off economic collapse and a humanitari...

Taliban to reward suicide bombersfamilies with cash, tierra

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The tweet, posted in English, echoed an announcement made the previous day by acting interior minister Sirajuddin Haqqani, who offered clothes and roughly $ 112 to dozens of male family members of "martyred" bombers...

Pakistani airline suspends Afghanistan flights due to Taliban ‘heavy-handedness

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Islamabad, Pakistan Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) announced Thursday that it was suspending flights to Afghanistan due to what it described as unworkable conditions imposed by the Taliban. The airline said c...

Biden planning to allow some Afghan civil servants employed by Taliban exemption from terror bans

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The draft U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) planning document, reviewed by Fox News, outlines how the Department of Homeland Security is planning on issuing a memorandum to allow Afghan civil servants...

Despite soothing words, the Taliban are much as they were

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The Taliban are the most unlikely of populists: brutal, myopic, the epitome of intolerance. During five years in power until 2001, they banished women to their homes, banned music and most sport and imposed piti...

Hannity: Biden planning aid to Taliban as the economy tanks, Americans show disapproval with anti-Joe chants

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Los Estados Unidos. has agreed to provide humanitarian aid to a Afghanistan, which is on the brink of an economic disaster, while at the same time refusing to give political recognition to the country's new Taliban government, ...

NYC man who wanted to join Taliban and kill US troops convicted in federal court, los fiscales dicen

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Delowar Mohammed Hossain, 36, was found guilty Friday in Manhattan federal court of attempting to provide material support to the terror group. He was arrested on July 26, 2019, at John F. Kennedy International Airp...

State Department says meeting with senior Taliban leaders was ‘candid and professional

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State Department Spokesman Ned Price issued a readout on the meetings in Doha, Katar, con "senior Taliban representatives." The statement said that the "NOSOTROS. delegation focused on security and terrorism concerns and...

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