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Es probable que los talibanes aflojen’ Restricciones de Al Qaeda en Afganistán, Estados Unidos predice

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los 2020 Acuerdo de Doha, que finalmente condujo a la retirada estadounidense de Afganistán en agosto 2021, llamó a Afganistán a tomar medidas antiterroristas contra al Qaeda y otros grupos. La nota del informe de IG...

Piers Morgan dishes on Taliban interview, says ‘wokeUS corporations silent on misogynist Afghan rulers

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In clips from the interview, now streaming on Fox Nation, Morgan sparred with Shaheen over what he reported is a near-ban on girls in upper-grade levels. "The issue of secondary-school education for girls. They are u...

Taliban bans drug cultivation, including lucrative opium

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Aceptación / Peshawar, AfghanistanThe Taliban announced on Sunday a ban on the cultivation of narcotics in Afghanistan, the world's biggest opium producer. "As per the decree of the supreme leader of the Islamic Emirate o...

Exclusivo: Biden administration secures release of Afghan-American Naval reservist who was held by Taliban

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The Biden administration on Friday secured the release of Safi Rauf, 27, an Afghan-American Naval reservist who was doing humanitarian work in Kabul and who had been in captivity under the Taliban since December. Fuera...

World Bank freezes Afghan projects after Taliban bans girls from high school

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The World Bank has put four projects in Afghanistan worth $ 600 million on hold amid concerns over a decision by the country's ruling Islamist leaders to ban girls from returning to public high schools, the bank sai...

Taliban postpones return to school for Afghan girls above 6th grade

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The Taliban prevented girls above the 6th grade in Afghanistan from making their much-anticipated return to school on Wednesday. Just hours after schools for girls were due to open, the Taliban ordered them to shut ...

Family of slain journalist takes Taliban leaders to International Criminal Court

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Danish Siddiqui worked for the Reuters news service and was embedded with Afghan special forces in July last year when he was killed as the commando unit battled for control of the Spin Boldak crossing, on the border...

Afghanistan’s Taliban government calls for ‘restraintin Ukraine-Russia war

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"The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan is closely monitoring the situation in Ukraine and expresses concern about real possibility of civilian casualties," la declaración, which the Taliban government spokesman Abdul Qah...

equipo femenino

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equipo femenino. equipo femenino. equipo femenino.

Por lo menos 7 British citizens and 1 American are being held by the Taliban in Afghanistan

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At least eight Westerners have been arrested by the Taliban in Afghanistan during different incidents in the last two months, CNN ha aprendido, marking a sharp escalation of Taliban actions against Westerners living ...

Pregnant journalist gets help from Taliban after New Zealand denies request to return due to COVID rules

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A: MORE THAN 100 FORMER AFGHAN TROOPS, OFFICIALS KILLED SINCE TAKEOVER Charlotte Bellis joined "Sala de prensa de Estados Unidos" to discuss her journey to return home and how she is seeking refuge with the Taliban since she clai...

Harris Faulkner grills Pentagon spokesman: ‘Are we still relying on the Taliban?’

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STATE DEPT'S NED PRICE: ‘I HAVE A HARD TIME UNDERSTANDING’ WHAT AFGHANISTAN WITHDRAWAL HAS TO DO WITH RUSSIA "Are we still relying on the Taliban?" ella preguntó. "This isn't about relying on the Taliban," Admiral Kirby...

Taliban hold first talks in Europe since Afghan takeover

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The closed-door meetings were taking place at a hotel in the snow-capped mountains above the Norwegian capital. Taliban representatives will be certain to press their demand that nearly $ 10 billion frozen by the Un...

Student ‘completely shocked’ by woke professor’s assignment on why Taliban are not terrorists

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"I was completely shocked. I had made it through my first four years of college without having anything this insane and, por supuesto, my last semester my teacher basically says you have to agree with me or I’m going to...

US Afghanistan aid going directly to Taliban, nonprofits warn

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The funds, sobre $ 308 million in all, "are not going to go in the hands of the average Afghan, it is going to go in the hand of the Taliban for food supply," Sean Kilbrane, the programs manager for Save Our Allies, ...

Taliban orders beheading of store mannequins as Afghan women fume over Biden ‘betrayal

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Masih Alinejad told "La historia" Monday that conditions for Afghans continue to deteriorate under the radical Islamic Taliban government, which has banned observance of any other religion but Islam and most recently o...

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