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Where are the Taliban’s missing leaders? Rumors swirl over fate of two top officials

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The Taliban's leaders are rarely seen at public events and do not readily grant interviews or hold news conferences. Many of them move in the shadows, their whereabouts unknown, inevitably generating rumors about th...

Afghan women are sharing photos of dresses to protest the Taliban’s black hijab mandate

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Afghan women around the world are protesting the Taliban's new hijab requirement in schools by posting photos of themselves wearing colorful traditional dresses on social media. In recent days the Taliban has manda...

Sean Hannity rips Antony Blinken for criticizing Taliban’s lack of inclusivity: ‘How stupid are you?’

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SEAN HANNITY: "And now Blinken seems less concerned with Americans left behind, he’s more concerned with the lack, get this, the lack of diversity and inclusion in the Taliban's new government. When the Taliban was i...

Brian Kilmeade reveals who is really leading the Taliban’s new government

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BRIAN KILMEADE: According to a recent report, one male Afghan refugee was recently detained at Ramstein Air Base in Germany after explosive material and blasting caps were found in his carry-on luggage before he boar...

Taliban’s interior minister is on FBI’s most-wanted list, believed to be holding American hostage

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The Haqqani network is known to be a ruthless arm of the Taliban and has been blamed on attacks in the country against coalition forces. The FBI has a $ 10 million bounty on his head. It is believed that he is holdi...

Tucker Carlson: To make the Taliban’s job easier, Biden gave them a list of Americans in Afghanistan

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First, you would delay or withdraw from Afghanistan for 19 years, long after there was any national security justification for being there. You would turn a war into a welfare program and you would turn your military...

US military faces nervy Kabul exit under Taliban’s watch, with terror threat looming

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Officials stated that they are prepared to work through the final day before the deadline in order to get people out of the country and into safety, with the Taliban threatening consequences for staying longer and IS...

Desperation at Kabul airport shows Afghans don’t believe Taliban’s claims, former CIA officer says

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Shannon Spann, the widow of a fellow CIA officer who was the first American service member to be killed in combat in Afghanistan soon after the 9/11 terrorist attacks, also reflected on children and women she met in ...

Taliban’s blitz of Afghanistan claims four more provincial capitals

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The latest significant blow was the loss of the capital of Helmand province, where American, British and allied NATO forces fought some of the bloodiest battles in the past 20 years. Taliban forces in recent days hav...