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Nick Kyrgios throws tantrum at US Open over towels: ‘It’s just absurd for me

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Kyrgios, who’s known for bad behavior on the court, had a testy exchange with chair umpire Carlos Bernardes during the match. Bernardes asked Kyrgios to put his used towels close to the bins, secondo ESPN. L'A...

Rafael Nadal jabs Novak Djokovic after Olympian’s tantrum in bronze-medal match

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Djokovic was seen tossing his racket in frustration as he lost in three sets to Busta over the weekend. Nadal, who was preparing for the Citi Open in Washington, was asked about Djokovic. CLICCA QUI PER ULTERIORI SPORT C ...

Chantal Lovell: LA teachers union tantrum – here’s how not to run a school district

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Sorprendentemente, the Los Angeles Unified School District’s Board of Education – which should understand basic psychology – appears to have missed this universally known fact, and the toddler-like United Teachers Los Ang...