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Family of American imprisoned in Russia believes he was targeted over past military service

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The parents of Trevor Reed, an American who has been imprisoned in Russia for almost two years, revealed for the first time on Thursday that their son served as a Marine presidential guard -- a fact they believe led...

Los Angeles police looking for ‘Two O’Clock Rockburglar who places rock in front of targeted businesses

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The suspect has hit more than 60 businesses all over the city's San Fernando Valley, the Los Angeles Police Department said Thursday. A suspect dubbed the "Two O’Clock Rock" has hit dozens of businesses in...

Police chief says slain Colorado officer was ‘targetedin Monday shooting

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The shooting that left three people dead in Arvada, Colorado, on Monday appears to have been a deliberate attack on a police officer, Police Chief Link Strate told reporters Tuesday afternoon. Gordon Beesley, a 19-y...

Hackers targeted US energy companies ahead of Ukraine invasion: bron

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A source familiar with the intelligence told Fox News that 21 American companies, including Chevron Corporation and Cheniere Energy, were targeted two weeks before Russia launched its multi-front war on Ukraine. RUSS...

Trump-era CBP targeted US citizens, including journalists and lawyers, amid caravan concerns, watchdog finds

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Customs and Border Protection targeted US citizens, including journalists and attorneys, during the Trump administration as it monitored migrant caravans traveling through Mexico, according to a new Department of Ho...

Hunting the hunters: How Russian hackers targeted US cyber first responders in SolarWinds breach

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Washington After infiltrating US government computer networks early last year as part of the SolarWinds data breach, Russian hackers then turned their attention to the very people whose job was to track them down. DIE...

Alaska Gov. Mike Dunleavy aanvaar Trump se voorwaardelike goedkeuring wat Murkowski geteiken het

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Goewerneur. Mike Dunleavy van Alaska het voormalige president Donald Trump se goedkeuring aanvaar, wat gekom het met die bepaling dat hy nie die Republikeinse Sen. Lisa Murkowski. Die senator van Alaska het T .. herhaaldelik bestraf..

NYC journalist targeted by Iranian operatives in twisted kidnapping plot, feds sê

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In 'n reeks twiets, writer and activist Masih Alinejad acknowledged she was the target, and she did the same in an email to The Post, without commenting further. A source familiar with the matter also confirmed Al...

Ukrainian-born NHL agent says clients are wrongly being targeted amid Russia-Ukraine war: ‘They want peace

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Dan Milstein, who represents most of the NHL’s Russian-born players, told Fox News Digital in a phone interview that several of his clients have been targeted since the attack on Ukraine began. He explained that whil...

Die feministe Naomi Wolf kla Biden oor COVID -toespraak: 'Persoonlik geteiken deur die president vir wie ek gestem het’

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Aan "Tucker Carlson Vandag", gasheer Tucker Carlson het opgemerk dat Wolf 'n lewenslange liberale en burgerlike vryer is wat skielik veroordeel is omdat hy 'n teenoorgestelde standpunt bied as die res van haar politieke bondgenote. ...

Cassidy defends 2017 tax cuts targeted by Biden, pointing to wage growth among low earners

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"Fox News Sondag" anchor Chris Wallace cited a Tax Policy Center study on the effects of former President Donald Trump's 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act among low-income earners versus high-income earners and asked Cassid...

Border Patrol agent targeted with gunfire from Mexico during apprehension, bron sê

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The incident happened near Roma – and the Border Patrol and FBI are now investigating. Images the source provided to Fox News showed several bullet holes in the side of the agent’s truck. Images provided...

Iranian-born journalist targeted in kidnap plot tells Fox Tehran regime cannot ‘break me

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Masih Alinejad said she has been targeted by the regime of Iranian President Hassan Rouhani for her work chronicling public beatings in the streets of the capital Tehran, and imagery of Iranian women's brave acts, sy ...

US Olympian Alysa Liu, father targeted in Chinese spy case

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Arthur Liu told The Associated Press he had been contacted by the FBI last October, and warned about the scheme just as his 16-year-old daughter was preparing for the Winter Olympics that took place in Beijing in Feb...

Todd Chrisley speaks out after being ‘unfairly targeted’ in tax evasion case: ‘So blessed and grateful’

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"So blessed and grateful for all of those that knew the truth and stood with us side by side to reveal it," die "Chrisley Knows Best" ster, 52, wrote to his nearly 5 million Instagram followers on Thursday. "So much ...

Asian Americans reported being targeted at least 2,400 times this year

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A center tracking reports of racism and discrimination against Asian Americans says it has received 6,603 firsthand complaints since last year. Stop AAPI Hate began tracking violence and harassment on March 19 last...

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