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Cuomo nursing home order did cause more deaths, should’ve been reversed sooner: task force

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The 242-page report by the NYSBA’s Task Force on Nursing Homes and Long-Term Care also blasts Cuomo for not reversing the Department of Health’s "unreasonable" mandate sooner than he did, saying it remained in effect...

After Minneapolis Winston Smith shooting, sheriff pulls deputies from US Marshals task force over bodycams

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Ramsey County Sheriff Bob Fletcher said late Monday that his deputies will no longer participate in the U.S. Marshals North Star Fugitive Task Force "until body cameras are actually authorized." He made the decision ...

California task force holds first meeting to study reparations for slave descendants

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The nine-member task force, appointed by Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom, is made up of the descendants of slaves including legislative leaders, prominent lawyers and academics. FILE: Stato Sen. Steven Bradfo...

Le deputate del Texas nella task force sul traffico di esseri umani accusano i superiori di sfruttamento sessuale, abuso

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Houston Tre ex e attuali vice poliziotti della contea di Harris affermano di essere stati sfruttati sessualmente, molestati e molestati dai loro superiori mentre erano assegnati a una task force sul traffico di esseri umani, secondo un fe ...

Spikes in carjackings around DC and Maryland spur federal-state task force

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Federal and local officials in Maryland and Washington, DC, on Wednesday announced a new regional task force to crack down on spikes in crime in the area. In announcing the carjacking prosecution task force, recitazione ...

Kentucky attorney general forms task force to review state’s search warrant process

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The Kentucky Attorney General has announced the 18 members of a task force to review how search warrants are executed and if any improvements should be made, according to a news release from the attorney general's o...

Biden task force has not reunified any families separated at border

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"Regarding the reunifications thus far, the task force has not directly reunified any families yet, and that's because we really are trying to build the processes and the information," a DHS official said. L'ufficio...

Tennessee task force recovers 150 missing children

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Un totale di 150 missing children ranging in age from 3 per 17 were recovered in January and February during a joint law enforcement operation, authorities in Tennessee said Wednesday. The task force recovered the chil...

CIA launches task force to probe invisible attacks on US diplomats and spies as one victim finds some relief

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More than three years after former senior US intelligence officer Marc Polymeropoulos suffered a mysterious attack in Moscow that changed his life forever, he finally has a diagnosis: a traumatic brain injury, sleep...

Navy has fallen short in addressing lack of diversity, task force says

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The Navy's efforts to improve equality have clearly fallen short of "addressing the societal challenges of today," a military task force created following the nation's racial reckoning found. Task Force One Navy is...

Hardest-hit communities should be prioritized in vaccine distribution, Biden’s equity task force chair says

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There is no question that Covid-19 vaccine distribution should be targeted and prioritize the hardest-hit communities, the chair of Biden's Covid-19 Equity Task Force said. Dott. Marcella Nunez-Smith said during CNN's...

La task force della Casa Bianca afferma che potrebbe esserci una variante "USA" in rapida diffusione’ di coronavirus

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Gli Stati Uniti potrebbero avere la propria versione di un coronavirus più trasmissibile e questo potrebbe aiutare ad alimentare la diffusione già aggressiva del virus, ha detto la task force sul coronavirus della Casa Bianca nel suo ultimo rapporto allo stat..

La task force sul coronavirus della Casa Bianca non invia più in modo proattivo rapporti agli stati

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La task force del coronavirus della Casa Bianca ha informato gli Stati che non invierà più proattivamente i suoi rapporti settimanali sullo stato con dati e raccomandazioni su misura, secondo più funzionari statali. Anziché, sta...

La task force del coronavirus della Casa Bianca avverte di casi in aumento negli stati più popolati

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La task force per il coronavirus della Casa Bianca avverte questa settimana che mentre ci sono stati alcuni progressi nel rallentare la diffusione della pandemia negli Stati Uniti settentrionali e centrali, i casi sono ancora in aumento nella popolazione più popolata..

Il Covid-19 ha messo a nudo una "crisi di discriminazione’ nel settore sanitario, Afferma il presidente della task force sull'equità Covid-19 di Biden

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Le disuguaglianze sociali della nazione sono evidenti negli ospedali e nelle strutture sanitarie e gli Stati Uniti non devono restare compiaciuti, afferma il presidente della task force sull'equità Covid-19 del presidente eletto Joe Biden. "Hea ...

Coronavirus task force calls on states to ‘further accelerate mitigation

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The White House coronavirus task force is recommending a significant increase in testing as well as additional, accelerated mitigation measures in its weekly reports to states. Multiple state reports dated November ...